Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sun Shine At Last!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

We were up good and early this morning, Holly even jumped up on the bed and gave Old Two Legs a 'Good Morning Wake Up Lick' but OTL said that one thirty was just a little too early and could she try later!

Well, you have got to give her points for trying!

Our morning walk was good, Snowflake came with us and Holly and I managed to kick up a couple of rabbits while OTL and Snowflake were hunting in the grass for mouses and snakes!

Well, that's what Snowflake said she was doing, OTL was just trying to keep up!

OTL has discovered that the Goats Beard plant propagates its seeds the same way a Dandelion does and that the seed head looks just the same, but about three or four times bigger. So you know what he is going to be looking for every time we go out!

We had Chicken for breakfast today, super tasty it was too, freshly cooked!

OTL spent the morning 'Manufacturing' as he calls it, so he was boring. Still, after a good feed we decided to have a snooze and that took us up to lunch time.

Snowflake was still sleeping so we left her curled up and headed down to the Sea Wall again and I had a quick dip, just to cool off!

The tide was in and there were some fishermen there but they hadn't caught anything.

OK, Who's got the Sandwiches?
There was a lady sun bathing on the beach, Holly said she could just fancy a sun bathe herself but in the end decided that a poo and a wee was more important!

Talking of Poo Bags, OTL has found some of the Goats Beard plants with the seed heads ready to release the seed to the wind.

Goats Beard Seed Head.
 By putting the poo bag over the top of the seed head he can collect all of them in one hit! So, he has sorted out all the seeds and put them away in an envelope, ready for planting next Spring.

Holly found a couple of dead baby sparrows in the garden, so we told The Missus and she told OTL to sort it!

After careful inspection, OTL declared that neither of them was Gob, so that was good news, but they were very dead, which is not good news really.

They ended up in the compost bin where the ants had set up home and in this warm weather, they had moved all their eggs up to the top of the nest to take advantage of the heat generated by the sun beating on the plastic lid.

Holly says she doesn't do ants 'cos they don't taste nice!

If it's still sunny, OTL has promised we can have a trip down to The Farm to see the flowers, well, he wants to look at the flowers, while he is busy with the flowers we can hunt badgers!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Still Snoozing)