Wednesday, 30 October 2019

We got visitors today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

This morning was all sunshine and breezy, it made a change from that wind coming from the North Sea!

Just for a change, there was no screaming from Miss Wendy and Eric reserved his attentions on Miss Wendy to a quick butt sniff and then he ran off to play with Old Two Legs who was trying to clean the cage!

We were told that Aunt Zoe, Uncle Paul and Finley, Megan and Ethan would be visiting us this morning. So, hide all the chews and toys and make sure our beds are comfortable for snoozing while they are here!

I don't 'Do' Mini Two Legs and have had a grumble at them before!

Normally I sit on OTL's lap and grumble at them if they get too close! Today was no exception, I grumbled and managed a couple of woofs but OTL was too close for me to do any harm!

It was dark first thing this morning and the wind was getting up, in fact OTL had to take off his glasses 'cos the wind blowing across them made his eyes water!

It even looks cold!
The sunrise was a bit weak, I mean, not even a cloud lighting glow, more of a messy smudge!

No prizes for this show!
Lunchtime we were out a little earlier than normal 'cos Holly had a bit of the old 'Grmbly Tum's'.

The tide was in and the wind was catching the tops and making white horses. Just wait until the winter comes and the wind whips up some big waves, should be fun!

Just the start of the white horses!
Back home the MTL were playing with The Missus card making stuff, you know, loads of ink and inky pads and glue and glitter and other mucky stuff.

I was glad to keep away from them and let them wipe their hands all over the white T Shirts they were wearing!

Now for some great news.

Megan wanted to see the ferrets again and they took a while to locate, there, in the bottom cuddle cup, all cuddled up together was Eric AND Wendy!

OTL sent Megan down stairs to fetch TM to see and we were all smiling and clapping hands and going Oooo and Arrrrrr!

OTL even took a picture through the bars!

Now, we would like to see this every day now!
It didn't last very long but Eric crawled out of the cuddle cup and into another and there were no sounds of screaming from Wendy.

Claws crossed that this good news will keep going!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.