Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunshine and F1!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again on a super Sunday!

I think that Spring has finally arrived, the weather has been brilliant, loads of sunshine, very little wind!

When we went down the beach first thing both Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles climbed out of their Ferret Bag and rode all the way down to the beach on Old Two Legs arms! They were enjoying the sunshine on their noses and a cuddle with OTL at the same time!

Mr Brambles was running up and down the beach waving his tail about and Miss Snowflake even had a go at digging a couple of holes!

Just look at this tail!
On our way back to the car the pair of them hatched a plot to creep up and nibble my leg! I could just hear them plotting!

OK, You make a distracting noise while I creep up behind her!
You know, it would have worked except that I heard all of their plans 'cos I've got super sensitive hearing, except when OTL calls me!

 The sunshine was glorious and we all had fun sniffin' and diving in and out of all the plants growing alongside the path!

Nearly There!

Back home we found that The Missus had gone to her 'Master Class' so it was up to OTL to do our Lambs Heart, which tasted rather good and both Holly and I finished of half of the bowl, leaving some for this afternoon!

OTL got busy in the garden opening up his 'Wild Flower' section, right at the back of the garden. He had covered it all with a black plastic membrane that allowed water through but stopped plants from growing. This means that the ground was compressed where he and us have been walking on it but it was still wet.

A bit of a rake around only loosened up a few stones, so he has left the sowing until tomorrow!

Our lunchtime walk was fun, 'cos on a Sunday we get all the families walking up and down the Sea Wall and there are always new woofers, but today there was a Very Big Woofer!

It started off when we ran around to the Rabbit Ground, half way around we came across a big Alsatian Type woofer with a muzzle on and it's owner fighting to stop it from beating up a little scruff-bag of a woofer!

We stayed well away! In fact we went tearing around to the rabbit ground, just to get away!

Let's get away from That Woofer!
OTL saw a plane go overhead and tried to take a picture, which, now we look at it, is pretty boring!

Just how boring can it get?
It was more interesting creeping up on the families to see if they had any food with them!

I can sniff Sarnies in that bag!
We went past a couple who went Oooo! and Aaaah! when they saw us, then they got up and walked down the Sea Wall after us, just to watch us play games with OTL!

Oooo! Aren't they Sweet? Aaaah!
Well, they followed us until we came across that big Alsatian again and you know the man had to not only hold onto him tightly but he had to cover his eyes as well!

We rushed by and a bit further on there was a Two Legs holding onto her puppy in case it got eaten by the Big Woofer!

Safe from being eaten!
 Mind you, we didn't hang around, we just legged it after OTL up to the path and headed back to the car!

Back home we settled down to finishing off the Lambs Heart and when that was done we were just in time to see the F1 repeat.

A very interesting race which was spoilt by one driver not having enough fuel left in his tank for inspection after the race! We thought that was a bit harsh, but rules is rules! Maybe next time they will shove an extra pint in the tank to cover using too much fuel during the race!

OTL has got a good dinner tonight, so Holly and I are going into 'Mugging Mode'!

Steak and Chips, Mmmmmmmmm!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.