Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sounds like everyone has The Bug!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, what a day!

Old Two Legs had to sleep downstairs last night 'cos he didn't want to catch The Missus Flu. He was all tucked up fast asleep when Holly and I came bounding down stairs and jumped on top of him and gave his nose a good licking!

That woke him up!

We had a cuddle then went back to TM 'cos there was more room on her bed!

The sun was up when we went out for our walk  and Holly suggested that one morning, instead of walking the path we should try going along the Sea Wall. I said that may be an interesting walk but we would miss the chance of a rabbit or two!

Fancy a Change?
Miss Snowflake had the pickle in her this morning 'cos she kept chasing Mr Brambles up and down the beach! He got so fed up with her and he ran up the beach and started to dig a Monster Hole!

Snowflake said that as it was April 1st, we should play a trick on him!

Let's bury his Rock in the hole?
Now, we are always up for a joke, especially as it's April the First but even we wouldn't be so cruel as to hide his rock!

Who needs Doggies, I can dig my own Monster Hole!
Holly got into trouble on the way back and as punishment we were both put on the lead! You know, we even missed out on the rabbit sniff the ferrets said were in the long grass, they found it but we just carried on walking.

It's rather boring on a lead!

Just get that Rabbit Sniff!
 Back home OTL was dashing about doing his 'Nurse Bit' and TM was giving him instructions, like, 'I want my coffee in a smaller mug' and 'I want some orange juice diluted with 25% water with my pills'

Holly said that OTL should give her some worming pills as well, that would send her back to sleep!

Lunch time arrived and OTL had just finished all the housework when I got that feeling, you know, that feeling that says 'It's Walkies Time'!

So I gave him the old 'Hairy Eyeball'!

Oi! Do you know what time it is!
 The tide was in, in fact it had just gone past 'High Tide' Holly and I were interested in all the sniffs on The Sea Wall and the sun was shining down and once we got out of the wind, it was rather warm!

That made me think, Paddles or even A Swim!

So, when we got close to the beach I gave OTL 'The Look' and indicated that we should play on the beach but he said that he had to get home 'cos there was some one turning up for his stuff!

 I still wanted a paddle!

OTL called me to follow, then turned around and walked up the hill.

I didn't move, I still gave him 'The Look'!

Me, doing The Look!
 Off went OTL up the hill, off went I for a paddle!

Trubble or Wot?
 Well, OTL came back down the hill and onto the beach, I thought he was going to have a game but instead he clipped the lead onto my collar!

No Hole Digging,

No Chasing!

No Racing with Holly!

Holly was busy talking to some Turn Stones who were complaining that they couldn't have a mooch around on the beach 'cos I was making too much fuss!

Can't you keep her under control!
 So, back home to do some more work and get the stuff out for the carrier.

Not sure if OTL will have time for the camera today, he says that he has to get everything done before the end of the week in case he gets some of the Flu Bug!

TM was on Face Ache when we got back and reeled off a load of names of our Woofer Mates who had got the bug and were not happy about it!

So, the question is, who brought it to the Daventry Bash?

See you tomorrow!

Keep on with the Day & Night Nurse!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.