Monday, 14 February 2011

Poor Daisy!

Hello to you all out there in Blog Land!

Holly & Daisy here again, and just for a's Holly doing today's blog.

You know us puppies like to stick our noses into all sorts of places if we reckon there is a good sniff to be sniffed? Me and Daisy are champion sniffers!

Some time yesterday Daisy found a super sniff over on the fields, where OTL takes us in the morning, and, Daisy, being Daisy, decided it was too good to share and kept it for herself. Also she had a taste as well! A sniff is OK, but to get the real flavour, a quick lick will tell you loads more about the sniff.

OTL understands that, you should see him with a new bottle of Single Malt Whisky.

Sniff, ........sniff........taste............another!

He knows how to sniff does OTL, a Master Sniffer!!!!!

Well, getting back to Daisy, she had a sniff and a lick and it has got it's own back. Last night she was sick, then she got the runs, all over the carpet! She has not been a happy puppy today.

Most of the time has been spent curled up in her bed looking at her tail!

I've tried to make her feel better by singing some songs and telling jokes but that didn't help.

So, OTL and me have been giving her cuddles and I have been licking her nose and ears.

OTL says he don't mind brushing us and wiping our grubby bottoms but he draws the line at licking our noses and ears!

These Two Legs have no sense of adventure sometimes!

Well, this afternoon Daisy is feeling much better, she has had some chicken and some strips of beef that TM cooked today.

So, she is on the mend and I reckon she'll be back to her normal self by tomorrow.

I have been helping OTL with some photography today. He has been taking pictures of TM cards for her and I have been sitting on his lap and offering some helpful advice on how to do it!

I told him how to set up his lights, what do you think?

Lighting By Holly!
Soon, I will get his Camcorder out and take some pictures of us and see if we can get that on the blog! Real moving pictures instead of these snaps OTL takes! Now that will be one up for us Puppies!

See you again soon,

Holly & Daisy