Monday, 18 May 2015

The Rain Pours Down and OTL is Puffinless!

Yacky Dar Woofers!

We're back! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know how Old Two Legs was getting all excited about visiting the Puffins? Well, around three this morning the rain started and it came down in Torrents!

There was so much rain running off the roof that the front windows on the caravan were doing a very good impression if Niagara Falls!

You just couldn't see past the rain!

OTL decided that today would not be a good day for Puffins and rolled over and went back to sleep again!

Well, it was too wet to go out walking at our normal time and both ferrets said they were going back to bed!

Holly and I stayed on the bed and didn't make any move to go out for a wee!

OTL had to do all his chores with his Big Boots and a Basher on!

Around ten it started to ease off a bit and we were persuaded to go out for a walk on the beach with OTL.

There were more Nelly Fish washed up on the beach and the rain started again!

Holly and I hung on for a bit, then after doing our 'Business', Holly said that she wasn't going to hang about any more and legged it back to the car park.


She had forgotten that we had walked up there instead of bringing the car!

When we got to her she was a very happy puppy 'cos we were there but a bit wet and soggy!

Back at the caravan we got a good rub down, our wet collars taken off to dry and then had breakfast of freshly cooked chicken!

Now, OTL has rescheduled the Puffin trip for Wednesday, so fingers crossed for that!

The TV has not been performing as it should, the controller has given up the ghost and although we can get satellite TV, we can't change channels!

That's OK but Sky News 24hrs a day can get a bit boring!

So, The Missus, being good at the 'Instructions' gave him orders to head off to the local Tesco to get another TV and make sure it plays DVD's and will work with the satellite dish!

He was crying all the way back to the caravan!

This afternoon he has been installing it all!

Can you imagine OTL with Two Controllers, one in each hand trying to set up each box plus confirm he was getting an Astra 2 signal?

Huge fun and loads of woofs from him!

Finally it all came together and he has thrown the instructions away!

By the time all that was finished, the sun came out and we headed for the beach.

The stream across the beach was flooded because of the rain, so I went for a paddle across it, just to wash the sand off my legs. Miss Holly Dog got as far as her knees and  headed back to the path!

One step further and I'll get me bits wet!
 I told her not to be such a Fairy and  come and see how much fun it can be but you know Holly........

I don't do wet!
 I must say, the rain kept most of the two legs off the beach which is good as far as I'm concerned 'cos I don't like it when there are too many messing up the place!

I hate it when it gets too crowded!
Now, this morning Holly had been naughty by running off 'cos of the rain, so this time, when Holly stopped and looked over her shoulder, OTL was there with the lead and she got clipped on for a short while until she got the message!

Holly went off digging some holes while OTL sat on a rock to watch the clouds.

Mind you, when OTL asked if she had been digging in the sand, she told porkies and said that she hadn't, even though there was a ton hanging from her chops!

Sand? Wot Me? Noooo?
 We met some other woofers on the way back and we got told about a super sniff down by the bike rack!
Yeah, just behind the bike rack!
Back at the caravan The Missus has been 'Creative' and finished a canvas thingy with loads of splodges all over the place, the canvas, her hands, the table, the floor, the ceiling, the caravan, and a passing ferret who wasn't quick enough!

Snowflake said she will get her own back, just wait until TM is in the shower, Snowflake will be in under the door and nick her 'Granny Draws' and rush around the caravan site with them, on her head pretending to be a ghost!

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, going out on the beaches we hope, providing there isn't too much rain!

Now, Mike and Sue are up in Anglesey, also known by its Welsh name Ynys Môn, and it was up there that the Druids got chased around by the Romans. So Sue had better watch out 'cos there are a few Druids left and we hear they are growing in number!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.