Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bye Bye Dungeness, Hello Pan Pastels!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

This morning The Missus went off good and early with Auntie Sheila, to get the Village Hall all set up for her 'Master Class' in making a mess on a bit of card and calling it Art!

She runs classes in card making with Pan Pastels and something called SplodgeAway Mat and Distress Inks.

No, I've no idea what she does but she always ends up with inky fingers and a moustache under her nose where she keeps rubbing he hand as she goes into 'Think Mode'!

We keep out of her way when she does that!

Old Two Legs and us went off to The Sea Wall first thing and when we got down there he had to make a Decision!

You see, we had planned to go to Dungeness but one look at the clouds and the light told him that it would be a waste of time. You see, there was no sunlight to shine on the old boats and stuff, it was a 'Diffused Light' which is not very good, according to OTL!

Diffused Light!
 That was it, no Dungeness, back home to digging the garden and serious Landscape Engineering!

Well, it was really a series of grunting and pulling of woody plants out of the ground and tearing down the Ivy that was creeping up the neighbours walls and digging up the grass.

Poor OTL, he even brought his camera into he garden, just in case a Sea Eagle landed in the pond!

Well, it was hard work and we suggested that at lunch time he should take us down The Sea Wall again, just to see if the light had changed!

So, complaining of a 'Bad Back' and the rotten gardening gloves that allowed thorns to poke through to spike his hands, we escaped to the Sea Wall again!

When we got there it looked really strange, it seemed like the whole world had been divided into two halves!

Two Weathers!
 It was sun shiny on one half and dark diffused light on the other. Seriously strange weather and the photo is 'Untouched', honest!

While we were walking along Holly spotted a couple of sailing barges going past, Holly says that one was called 'The Elle May' and the other was The Nellie's Revenge'!

Off to do some 'Pirating'!
 Holly reckons they were off to do some 'Pirating' off the Essex coast!

 OTL pointed out how the light was all over the place by showing us the rock off the beach and the path colours. Holly said that  she understood what OTL was saying, I said that I was bored listening to the load of rubbish!

See, Diffused Light!
That was when the fight started, 'cos Holly said I was a Dimbo and couldn't understand the basics!

OTL had to put us both on the lead 'cos then he would have control over us! Just as he did that, Jock came bounding up all ready for a game, he ran around us and woofed and had a sniff of us both then did a little runaway then came back so we can chase him.

OTL wouldn't let us off the lead!

Come on Girls!
I blamed Holly and she blamed me but before the fight could start again, Jock was off and we were in the car!

Back home to some more digging, (for OTL) and snoozing for us!

TM came back and we gave her a good 'Welcome Home' lick and yes, her fingers were all inky but the moustache was not there!

Shame, we do like a good laugh when she does that!

Not sure what we have planned for tomorrow, F1 from Korea for certain but it looks like rain, so no gardening for OTL, if he's lucky!

See you tomorrow and we will find out!


Daisy & Holly