Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Welcome to Miss Wendy!

Hi Woofers!

The Gang is back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy De Ferret!

Yep! You are right, there is a new name on the list!

Freddy has been all excited this morning and both May and April have been winding him up by giving him some tips on how to make friends with a lady ferret. According to May and April it all involves butt sniffing and ear licking and giving up your Chicken Strip Treat!

Freddy says he is OK with that, except the bit about the Chicken Strip! Mind you, he did say he would share it, providing he got first nibble!

Down on the beach May was charging about and Old Two Legs took some video of her getting a wet paw as the waves came in!

You will have to wait until tomorrow for that 'cos we are all behind like a Woofer Tail!

Lunchtime Holly and I escorted Freddy Boy over to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue, made sure his fur was brushed and he had clean paws, patted him on the butt and sent him to meet Miss Wendy!

There were several mighty big woofers in cages giving us and OTL some serious woofing, so Holly and I stayed in the car, with the windows wound up!

After a while, OTL came back with Freddy and Wendy and put them both in the big travelling cage together to see what would happen.

Now, two things can happen, first is 'Warfare' where they fly at each other and a big fight starts over the 'Territory'  which is the cage. At this point they are separated and it's back to the drawing board!

The next thing that can happen is, loads of butt sniffing, investigating all over each other. Now that is a good sign!

That is what happened when Wendy and Freddy joined each other in the clean cage. You see, OTL had cleaned the cage out and washed the bedding and put new food in the bowl and clean water in a well washed water bottle and..... well, there were no ferret sniffs in the cage, so it was 'Netural Territory!

After a while Wendy tried to give Freddy's ears a good licking, which is a sign of dominance but Freddy wasn't having any of that and gave her a perfect 'Butt Shove' which knocked her out of the bedding and into the poo pot!

So it went on like that for about half an hour while we all watched. In the end they both snuggled under the bedding and had a snooze!

It was declared to be a success, so home comes Miss Wendy.

By the way, it was OTL who decided on her name 'cos she came with no name as she was found wandering in the open and handed it to somewhere and finally found her way into the Harrietsham Rescue Centre.

While OTL was there he handed in a couple of donations from the Crafty Ladies, there was Di Ward who sold some of her cards and decided the ferrets could do more with the donation than she would. The other donation came from The Missus who sold off some stamps and stuff she no longer had any use for and the money also found it's way into the 'Donation Pot'!

Chris and Roy say thanks for the donations as every little helps keep the centre running for lost and abandoned ferrets!

By the way, the previous owners of May and April were told about this blog, so they may drop in to see what is happening to these two tearaways!

On the way home OTL telephoned the vet and got an appointment to get Miss Wendy a jab to prevent her getting Distemper and some other nasty bugs! So, that it why we are terribly late in getting the blog up and running!

Now, I know you are all wondering what Wendy looks like and we apologise 'cos we have only managed to grab a quick photo while she was investigating her new home, so, here is the little lady!

Miss Wendy having a sniff!
 So, sorry for the lack of photos, I expect there will be loads for you to see in the near future but first our little lady has to settle down to life in our house!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy De Ferret.