Saturday, 31 October 2015

Miss April and the Great Escape!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Have we had a fun day today!

We got down to the beach on time today and Miss Snowflake was straight in and ferreting around trying to find 'The Big Slimy Thing', I don't know what she finds but when ever we go to look,it has gone! Holly reckons Snowflake finds a reflection of herself in a rock pool!

We just hope that it's not a big crab she finds!

Here it is!
Holly and I found another bit of Flotsam next to the 'Half Boat', we really don't know what it is about our beach but it seems to attract all the rubbish that comes down the river!

Well, you tell it that it can't stay on our beach!
Up on the Grass Path, we were happy having a sniff when who should turn up? Poppy!

Come on she says, my Two Legs is coming, where is my ferret?

Unfortunately,  just as she got to Snowflake the TL came up and clipped the lead on and that was it!

Quick. where is the ferret, my TL's coming!
Back home, Snowflake had a ferret around the house and then decided to go back to bed early, that means the Page 3 Girls got let out early!

Old Two Legs had finished clearing Snowflakes house and was setting about the girls cage while they both headed off down stairs to create mayhem, as normal!

Having cleaned everything, OTL noticed that the Ferret Food was getting low, so, armed with his trusty credit card, re ordered up four bags of food. Now normally he would have just ordered two but there was a 'Special Offer' on and he would get 15% off! That means a saving of £17.99!

They had better not go off the stuff or OTL will not be a Happy Puppy!

Now, both of the girls had been charging about all over the place and Miss May had even climbed up onto OTL's desk top and run across the keyboard on both computers. It was a good job OTL was off the Internet thingy or he might have ordered 40000000000000000 bags of ferret food!

Finally it was time to get the girls back in the cage and May was still on the desk but April was nowhere to be seen. She was called and searched for and called and then OTL started to get concerned, April couldn't have got out the house so she is either asleep somewhere or trapped in some dark hole!

Room by room the house was searched. The Missus's warehouse of cards and boxes were turned inside out, no April.

OTL's office was turned inside out, including the  drawers and the stationery cupboard, still nothing.

Next the bedroom and under the bed and in the cupboard where OTL keeps his mountain climbing boots and 'Wet Weather Gear' and still nothing.

Next it was down stairs to turn over TM's desk and piles of boxes and bins, and behind all the curtains then under the sofa and chairs, still nothing!

Next the kitchen was searched and all the cupboards with access to behind the cooker and fridge were investigated by OTL with his trusty LED torch, not a sniff!

May had been put back in her cage while OTL and TM were searching and May was getting concerned  as well and called out to be let out 'cos she could search the hidey holes, but OTL said that one missing ferret was enough.

That didn't please May and she started to get cross and throw her Poo Pot all around the cage plus throw all the cat litter all over the office floor as well!

Then OTL had an idea, maybe Miss April had gone behind the bookcase where all the biscuits were hidden and fallen asleep on top of them.

So, armed with a small mirror and his trusty LED Torch he got down onto the floor. He tied a length of string onto the mirror then positioned it at an angle so he could see under the bookcase.

Next he shone the torch onto the mirror and the light was reflected in the mirror and lit up the area under the bookcase.

There, looking all sleepy eyed was a little ferret face looking into the mirror wondering if it was a monster come to pinch her biscuits!

OTL pulled the mirror out and April followed looking all small and sleepy! She climbed onto OTL and snuggled up under his chin and she asked if she was in trouble?

Not as long as I get you back says OTL!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and the tide was right in. There was a chill in the wind 'cos the mist was still hanging about from this morning but we had a race up and down the beach and I dug an enormous hole in the sand and Holly and I had a game of 'Race' up and down the beach stopping every time to dig the hole just a bit deeper! 

I Love Deep Holes!
Miss April had a snuffle around on the beach and asked if she could have a carry as she wasn't in trouble but OTL said she needed to keep fit, so she had to run all the way back to the car!

If I'm not in trouble, why can't I have a carry?
Miss May was sniffing around the 'Half Boat' and found two bits of rope and said that if Holly held one end in her mouth and I held the other end, we could both tow the boat across the river!

Look, two ropes for pulling!
 Holly pretended she was deaf to that idea 'cos it means she would have to get wet and that would never happen!

So, now we are off to watch the F1 Qualifying and see what we can mug off OTL!

By the way, we heard the Big Bang of the explosives as the Power Station got another bit  blown out but we haven't seen any pictures at all, still, Holly doesn't do big bangs and as that night where they all let off Whizz Bangs is approaching, Holly is getting a little nervous! 

Last weekend there were some whizz bangs which had her shaking for over an hour!

Nasty things Whizz Bangs!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.