Friday, 4 January 2013

Snowflake is moving in!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here and Snowflake as well!

Old Two Legs has finally made up his mind after a chat with The Missus and us and Snowflake. If Snowflake is OK with it, she can stay with us!

OTL and Snowflake have reached an agreement, Snowflake will allow OTL to pick her up without biting him and OTL has agreed not to put his fingers into her cage or stroke her nose unless she says so!

This morning OTL ordered up the new Ferret Tower for Snowflake to live in, so she won't have to stay in the 'Shower Cage' for too long!

We were watching her eat a chicken wing this morning and she was crunching up the bone as well!

My idea of Heaven!

Holly and I left her to it and went off for our morning walk along The Sea Wall. We were having a game of 'Chase The Ball' when who should arrive but Barney!

'Hello Girlie's' he said, 'Look I've been practising my 'Winning Smile', what do you think?'

Do I look good or wot!
Holly said that his tongue was too long for his head but he didn't care, he still reckons he looks good!

Then he showed us a new trick he has been working on over the last few days and he kicked his ball along the path and it bounced all the way down to the muddy beach!

.......and he shoots for goal!
Back home the postman arrived with a book for OTL, it was 'The Complete Book of Ferrets' that had been recommended as a good guide for looking after ferrets. Snowflake says that it should be worth a laugh, just like 'Training for Dogs'!

This should be fun!
Snowflake was allowed to have a run around OTL's office and found his fleece, so she was wriggling all through the arms and underneath it, poking her nose out at different points! She was having a great time especially as OTL was spinning her around on the fleece as well!

In the end she was getting a bit tired so OTL picked her up and put her back into her bed for a snooze!

I'm exhausted!
After lunch we were out with OTL delivering some stuff and to get a new tyre for the car 'cos it got a puncture and couldn't be repaired. After that it was down to the Riverside Park for a run but it was very wet and muddy. Holly thought it was fun to jump in the puddles copying some young Two Legs that were walking ahead of us!

Splish, Splash, Splosh!
 We both had fun chasing up and down the beach as well, first I would chase Holly then she chased me!

Can't catch me!
 Back home we found Snowflake asleep, you know she sleeps as much as we do!

Off to have a nibble of our Doggy Scoff 'cos OTL has got Curry tonight so there is no chance of getting any of his dinner tonight!

See you tomorrow and we think OTL is going to see if he can trim Snowflakes claws, best of luck!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!