Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Oh Dear, I'm in Deep Poo!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

Another sunny day and the wind is still blowing, but not too much! We were out this morning, good and early and we woofed at the Mini Two Legs as they headed off to school. Snowflake came with us again and enjoyed a run around. This time Old Two Legs tried to be crafty. He walked to the centre of our walking place and put Snowflake down on the ground, now in this place it didn't matter which way she wanted to go 'cos we could go that way and return in a big circle!

Well, that was the idea.

Instead of choosing a direction along the path, with grass clumps and bushes to sniff at, she decided to go across country and into all the brambles and down the rat holes!

Now I wanna go This Way!

OTL tried to keep up with her and was bounding along shouting 'Come Back Snowflake!' but she didn't take any notice until he caught up and lifted her off her feet!

Then it was back to normal, we wanted to go forward, she wants to go back, we go back and she changes her mind and goes left, so we go left and she circles around to go right, we stop and turn right just in time to see her going back again!

Holly and I got fed up and went off chasing rabbits again. OTL finally got Snowflake back to the car and she snuggled down into her cage while OTL went back to look for us!

Lunch time came and we were off again, but without Snowflake this time. It was great having a stroll along The Sea Wall, sniffin the sniffs and doing what we wanted.

Jus Sniffin!
That was until we came to the half way point where there was a short cut to the Rabbit Hole. I sort of wandered half way up the path and OTL called me back down to him. I really didn't want to go but sort of wandered down to him all sort of dragging my paws and sticking my bottom lip out!

OTL turned his back and with Holly walking beside him, headed off along the path.

You know, I would have sworn I heard a rabbit shout out to me, well, that's what I reckon it was anyway, off I went like a flash of light and even when OTL whistled for me to come back, I took no notice!

Off I went, Rabbit Diggin!

OTL and Holly carried on, leaving me to my rabbit hole. Off they went, all the way around, Holly had a poo and a wee and another wee and a sniff, then another wee!

Finally they both came back to where I was getting really excited about this hole, Holly came over to see what I was doing and had a little dig and a scrape.

Hey! Just look at this hole!
 OTL arrived, and put me on the lead!

Off we went to the car, me on a lead and Holly wandering about, sniffin the sniffs and wee'ing and sniffin and I was stuck on the lead!

When we got into the car I was put on the back seat and told to stay there, OTL didn't sound as though he was willing to negotiate on me sitting on the front seat with Holly!

Even when I shoved my nose under his arm to let me through, he told me to 'Get Back!'

Mmm! I decided to sit on the back seat, it just felt safer!

I heard him telling The Missus about me and my super big rabbit hole and how I'm going to be kept on a lead for the next few walks, which is really unfair 'cos those rabbits will be laughing at me and I won't be able to chase after them!

It really is hard being a puppy sometimes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake