Monday, 10 February 2020

High Tides and Wind!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Yes, here we are again, still with our paws on the ground! Didn’t fancy the idea of floating away in the wind like a kite! Mind you, we have some Marsh Harriers down here but no Kites, except to very occasional one passing through!

It was still blowing this morning and in the wind was this horrid rain. Now on its own the rain wouldn’t trouble us at all but because it had some wind behind it, it got right through to our skin!

And that includes Old Two Legs as well!

Like Archie Babe, we didn’t hang about a quick ablution and we were off back home.

There were some trees blown over but nothing to worry us, we just zig zagged around the edges and missed all of them!

Lunchtime the tide was in and it was right up the sea wall, the beach had disappeared and I definitely did not fancy going in for a paddle!

Normally that's all sand and sea weed but not today!
 Holly reckons that if the wind was blowing the other way we would have sea water splashing all over the se way!

I ain't going anywhere near the edge, I might get blown into the Medway!
The fence panel down the bottom of the garden has taken up flying lessons and has managed to get airborne and across next door garden and over the wall! 

A couple of new fence panels have been delivered today and it looks like OTL will be helping to install them tomorrow!

Let's hope the wind will have dropped tomorrow or we will get an OTL pretending to be a kite!

OTL says he can sympathise with Aunty Sue and Michael not being able to find the car in Milton Keynes, it’s dangerous getting out of your car. OTL did that once and ended up being chased by some concrete cows!

Mind you, that was a long time ago!

He did once get lost in the car park at Blue Water, well, he didn't get lost, it was the car that got lost and OTL couldn't find it until he went back into M&S and exited through another door!

While we were out walking at lunchtime a Two Legs with a woofer stopped OTL and said that a ferret had been found and had been taken to the local vet and was it ours?

Would we lose Eric like that?

No Never!

Mind you, if the owner can’t be found we reckon OTL might be asked to look after it, well, it’s happened before, remember Twinkle?

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.