Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Horse Laugh Today!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with a report on todays fun and games.

First of all, The Missus took us out for our morning walk around the Fields.

When we go out with Old Two Legs, we go the shortest way to the field, just up the road. When TM takes us we have to walk for a greater distance on the footpath because she goes sort of anti clockwise. Well this means we get to see the horses first.

Normally we just say hello with a woof because they are across the other side of the paddock. This morning, we did our normal thing and we were let off our lead at the beginning of the footpath and we went to say 'hello' to the 'Neddies', as normal, they were across the other side of the paddock, so we woofed a 'hello' and they just turned their heads to see who was making a noise.

Holly, being Holly, decided to have some fun and ask a silly question, like, 'If horses are so clever, why do they stay locked up in the field instead of galloping all over the green fields?' or something like that.

As we were looking through the fence, we did not see another horse standing behind the tree, he cleared his throat and said 'Good Morning Ladies', good and loud!

Well I was so surprised, I took off like a rocket on legs, Holly was half way through the woof, but when the horse cleared his throat, her 'woof' sort of subsided into a small '..oof'!

She spun around, fell over onto her bottom, rolled over and shot down the path towards me!

I'm sure the horse was chuckling, but we were too far away to hear!

OTL took us out for a walk around mid morning 'cos the computer was making a funny noise and he had to get a new bit for it. While we were out he took us into the 'Doggy Shop' !

Oh, the smells in that place, must be like doggy heaven, they were wonderful!

OTL got some biscuits and some dry chicken strips, one of our most favourite snacks and while he went off to buy his computer bit, he left us in the car with a big Chicken Strip each!

Now if you want us to be all attentive and listening to every word you say................try chicken strips!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Guard Duty

Hello Woofers,

D&H here again.

We have been very busy today, first there was the overnight attack by 'Marauding Pussy Cats'! About two in the morning there was a crash outside the window, we reckon it was 'Hissin Chrissy' and her mates, falling off the dustbin and landing in a pile of old stuff that is due to go out for disposal. What with the noise she made and the noise we made, there was a possibility that all the street heard us.

We reckon that everyone must sleep sounder in their beds knowing we are 'On Patrol'!

We went out with OTL to watch him do some work today, we stood guard in the car and made sure no one got near his tools and stuff. We growled at the men in the yard and woofed at the crows making a noise in the trees.

We were so good at the Guarding Bit that Holly wants to put our name on the car as well. Big bold lettering, 'D&H Guarding', that should get us loads of work!

D&H Guarding!
After we had finished,  we stopped off at The Farm for a run around, we thought we heard a fox across the field and stood to listen and see if there was any more movement in the hedgerow. After a few minutes we got fed up and carried on sniffing for rabbits, the fox must have sneaked off  'cos he saw us!

Is that a Fox down there?
Remembering how I got lost yesterday, I tried to track OTL and Holly by just using my nose.

It worked!

Keeping my nose to the ground I was able to pick up OTL's scent. It's a bit hard to describe but I know it as soon as I smell it!

I can smell you!
Holly thinks that on a good day OTL smells like a mixture of Old Leather Boots, Sweaty Socks, Twigletts and Malt Whisky and Short Bread!

We don't care, as long as we get our walk and good food and a bowl of fresh cold water, he can smell of what he likes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hill Top Fun

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly back to see you again,

We are getting used to this missing hour, we even went to bed an hour earlier last night, mind you, Old Two Legs turning the TV and the lights off helped!

We were up good and early this morning, a couple of wet tongues in OTL's ears is an amazing wake up call! He make a sort of 'Arrgh' sound followed by a whimper as he tries to bury his head under the blanket, no chance! We follow him under the blanket and he goes so far down he falls out the bottom of the bed!

By then The Missus is awake and complaining that the bed clothes are being pulled off the bed and she wasn't ready to wake up yet. Oh Yeah? With a couple of puppies heading her way she soon changes her mind!

Works every time!

We went out with OTL delivering some stuff and then headed up to the top of the hill. We had been there once before but it was wet and muddy then, but now, it was dry and full of rabbit poo! (OK for a small chew).

Nibble some rabbit poo anyone?
 We had fun trying to run with one ear in the air but it was too difficult to do it all the time!
My right ear up!
Holly doing it as well!

We found one place that OTL said looked like the rabbit hole in 'Alice in Wonderland.

Well, we looked at what he was talking about and reckoned the rabbit must have been at least ten feet tall!

Scary Rabbit Holes!

Enough of rabbits that size and OTL messing about with the picture, if you look at it too long your brain hurts!

 We had fun running up and down the hill and at one time I got lost, so Holly woofed a couple of times to let me know where she was.

Come on Daisy!
 I must really start to use my nose to find out where OTL has wandered off to!

We are going to bed early tonight 'cos tomorrow we are going out with OTL on one of his jobs, so we have got to look after his tools!

Yeh, Guard Dogs R Us!

Bye bye for now and we will see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 28 March 2011

Seriously Lazy Sunday

Hello Woofers,

D&H back again and there is something wrong with the clocks!

Did anyone else notice that we seem to have lost a whole hour this morning? We woke up at our normal time and found that someone had nicked an hour off the clocks!

After yesterdays fun and games we decided to have a 'snoozy' day today, not too much running about, just a gentle stroll around the garden to check everything is doing what it was supposed to be doing, flowers growing, birds fighting over the seed, Blue Tits nesting and Collared Doves chasing each other around the roof tops and cats staying out of our garden!

Back in for breakfast and then off to the 'day bed' in Old Two Legs office for our normal after breakfast 'snoozett'!

Now, us puppies are highly qualified in the art of serious 'snoozing' and 'doing nothing' and that's what we have been doing. We even fell asleep during the replay of the Grand Prix motor racing that OTL and TM were watching!

We had our sun bathe in the garden and fell asleep in the sun. Then got up, went inside, had some afternoon nibbles, and fell asleep again!

Come on, your only jealous, admit it, no cleaning, ironing, cooking, car washing, washing up, nose wiping and making tea or coffee, what's wrong with a 'dogs life'!

Yep, being a puppy ain't all bad you know and we even got chicken for dinner tonight!

See you tomorrow for some new adventure!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy Birthday Missus!

Hello to you all,

D&H back again!

Today is The Missus's Birthday, Holly and me were told about it when we went with Old Two Legs to buy a Birthday Card.

Well, you don't think he was going to make one did you!

Holly and me discussed what we could get her as a birthday present. Holly said she could donate an old carrot she'd finished with or maybe an old chew that tasted a bit funny. OTL said that we should have another think! So after a lot of thought last night, we decided that we would both give her a big wet lick when she woke up this morning and plenty of cuddles through the day!

That was just as well 'cos we went out to Holly's old home and there were loads of family there, we could not remember all of the names but it was great fun, loads of sausages on sticks and pork pies and chicken and other stuff we managed to mug off everyone!

First there was The Boys Mum!

Mugging #1 Too easy!
 Then we went after Abby.

Mugging #2 Piece of cake!
Next it was Ethan,a bit of a fight with this one!

Mugging #3 A bit harder this one!

 Then we ran into serious opposition here, no chance!

Mugging #4 Total Loss here!

We did spot a professional food knobbler and saw how it was supposed to be done!
The Professional at work!
As Holly said, you've got to admire the sheer artistry of her spud snaffling!

After all that, we went back to TM and managed to get some chicken for our food bowls.

Yep, you can always depend on TM, the easiest touch of them all!

Chicken Please!

So, it was a Happy Birthday to TM and we did enjoy meeting everyone and singing 'Happy Birthday'.

Now we are tired little puppies, so it's off to bed for a well earned sleep.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 26 March 2011

We love Friday's

Hi to you all,

D&H back again and the sun is still shining, it has been a glorious week!

We were out good and early this morning, 'cos The Missus said she had to clear the place up before Auntie Shelia arrives for some card making.

Now, I know I'm only a little puppy but I really don't understand why she has to clear the place up before making a Bigger mess making cards? Why not leave the first load of mess and do it all together when she clears up at the end of the day? Two messes but just one clear up, instead of the two messes and two clear ups.

I mean, it'll save her a whole clear up!

Come lunch time OTL shuts the office and grabs his camera and car keys, and where are we? Sitting by the front door with our lead, waiting for him!

Today we went down to the Riverside Park again! Super run about and we met a few new doggies, one little sausage dog crept up on Holly and sniffed her tail without her realising he was there!  Sneaky or wot!

We had another laugh later when Holly did a woof at the barge. Now as soon as she barked, she heard a bark come back, Holly is not so bright really, she thought it was another dog woofing back! So, she woofed again, and again back came the woof, so she woofed again, and so it went on!

This carried on for some time, OTL and I were laughing at Holly but she still reckoned there was another dog there so she went around the back to see if she could see it!

Is it up there?
Of course, she was listening to her own echo bouncing off the barge! It took her some time to work it out!

As we returned to the car we saw a doggy running in and out of poles then running over a small bridge thing. Well, we couldn't work out what was happening, looked a bit daft to us!

Daft or wot!
When the dog had finished, she came out with her owner and we asked what was happening, she said it was a load of old rubbish designed to show how clever she was and how dopey the owner looked when they tried to run from one test to the other!

As Holly said, thanks, but no thanks, we'll keep OTL as he is, he looks daft enough already!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 25 March 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun!

Hello Everyone!

Daisy & Holly here to see you again.

A Big Hello to Jackid68, welcome to our group of Woofers, we hope you enjoy our world! 

What a wonderful day, we've been out with Old Two Legs down to the New Park after doing some deliveries. We met loads of doggies and a big Alsatian chased Holly all over the place!

Holly was running flat out but forgot to do the 'Tight Turn' trick we have been practising for such a long time. I called out to her to do it but she was just charging along in a straight line. I even tried to distract the Alsatian by running across his path but he was after Holly. He was just having fun but it worried Holly for a little while.

When we got home, we practised the 'Tight Turn' again in the garden and Holly promised to try to remember it next time!

After all that chasing around we decided that it was time for our afternoon snoozett. I wanted to sleep in my day bed, so did Holly, so we both cuddled up and had a snoozett, until OTL rattled his car keys!

An Afternoon Snoozett
That was it, a sign we were off again for another Adventure!

This time he had to pick up some stuff and after that we went to the Bird Place where OTL likes to photograph birds. However, there we not very many birds, but, boy were there rabbits!

Driving up the road we saw hundreds of rabbits! Holly and me went potty woofing at them all and they all ran away when they heard us!

We got out of the car but OTL would not let us off the lead! We could have had a wonderful time chasing them pesky rabbits, instead, all we could do was, woof, and watch them in the distance!

Let us off the lead!
Well, all we could do was sit there and wish!
Holly said that rabbits had mountains of carrots in their burrows and they would only share them with you  if you knew the magic password. 

I asked if it was like the Lord of The Rings thing, you know, Speak Friend and Enter?
Holly said it was but she didn't know the password!

I wish we could undo this lead!
We tried a few like, lettuce and carrots and cabbage but nothing happened. 

There is always next time and I know OTL will be back again with his camera, so we have more chances in the future!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Super Sun Shiny Day

Hi All,

Daisy & Holly back with another glimpse of our little world.

Holly and I are just having a great time now the sun is shining all day, it certainly makes you feel good. Warm sun making everything grow in the garden and the earth is just the right consistency for digging, providing The Missus doesn't catch you!

We went out for our midday walk with Old Two Legs and because the sun has been warm and dried up most of the puddles, we went to The Woods! We haven't been there for a while so there were loads of new sniffs to catch up on.
New Sniffs here!
I reckoned that a Badger had been sitting on this bench having his lunch a couple of days ago, Holly said that his cubs had been playing on the other side of the log!

Our doggy noses are much better than yours at sniffin you see!

Super Sniffer Holly!

We then used the log to look out for Forest Monsters but we didn't see any, just OTL trying to creep up on a Wren who spotted him and told him off for creeping up behind her!

Watching OTL.

The paths were all clear of puddles, which pleased OTL 'cos he doesn't like muddy paws in his car.

In the woods we saw loads of Daffodils in bloom, they are a sure sign Spring is here!

Spring Daffodils
We met a couple of other dogs out for a walk but they were on leads and could not have a game of 'chase' with us, so we were left to our own games. One game is 'Shove her off the Log'. It's a game where one of us is at the top of the log or tree of bench or whatever.

The other one has to try to push the other off.

We get into all sorts of trouble when we push the other one off especially if she has hold of the other ones collar!

Well, I thought I had it sorted out this time, Holly was on top, showing off as normal, but I crept up and instead of pushing her off, I pushed the log over! She was all legs and tail as she tried to stay on top, no chance, I had got her good and proper this time!

Going, going, gotcha!

One up for Daisy this time!

Let's hope the sunshine keep going all week.

See you tomorrow for some more fun and games.


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Naughty Holly and Another Sunny Day!

Hi every one,

Daisy & Holly here with more adventures!

Today we went into town with Old Two Legs and The Missus and Holly misbehaved herself!

We parked in the car park behind the supermarket and OTL opened the door to get out and Holly, being a bit quick on her paws, jumped out at the same time!

She thought it was going to be a new game and ran in front of the car. Trouble was, there were other cars coming into the car park and they could not see Holly. So, OTL was walking after her and calling her to come to him. She thought it was a game, until a car got too close and she got all worried and went back to OTL so he could pick her up and make it all safe again!

Naughty Holly, but she was safe and OTL sorted it out, as usual!

Back home we went off to the Sea Wall again, the tide was in and we went and said hello to the fishermen again. Only these weren't the same fishermen as yesterday, but they said 'hello' to us!

We asked what they were doing and one said he was teaching worms to swim!

Teaching worms to swim!
We thought that was great fun and Holly said we should stay a bit longer to see if he can really teach worms to swim!

We went up on top of the hill and tried moving the bench closer to where the fishermen were, so we can sit and watch, but I think someone had glued the bench to the floor 'cos we couldn't move it at all!

Let's see if we can move it closer!
Tomorrow we will go back again and see how the fisherman got on and how many swimming worms he has now!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sunny Monday

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with some more goings on in our little world.

As it was so sunny this morning we spent most of the morning in the garden. We were brushing up on our archaeological skills.  I was just opening a new trench when The Missus saw me and told me to stop digging in the garden!

I mean, we've only got three days to find out what the garden was used for in the Bronze Age!

Holly found a fossil with a particularly good smell attached to it, so we had a good roll on it. TM had a look and declared it to be a dead worm and told us we were 'mucky puppies'!

She doesn't realise just how technical this archaeology is!

So we had a 'field meeting' and fell asleep for a while in the warm sun, only to wake when Old Two Legs called out of the window to us.

A Field Meeting in the sun.
We of course knew what he wanted, 'Walkies'!

That's it, we were off like a shot, he grabbed his camera, we grabbed the lead and off we all went to the car.

We went to the Sea Wall again 'cos the tide was right in again.

We saw a couple of fishermen who seemed more interest in having a chat than fishing. In that sunshine I reckon they got the right idea!

A hard days fishing!
One of the good things about High Tide is that all the smells are concentrated along the high tide mark, which makes sniffin easier and it means you don't have to chase around so much!

Inspecting the High Water Mark.
When we get back to the car we always have to wait while OTL inspects the photos, so a bask in the sun on the parcel shelf is the best thing, we can see what is going on all around us and it is so easy to woof at anyone we want!

Waiting to go home!
Off home to some Lamb Mince and doggy biscuits and a snooze in OTL's office, what could be better?

We left TM giving our day beds a wash in the washing machine, still, it won't take us long to get them back to normal, a few carrots and a roll around in some super smell will restore them back to acceptable again!

See you tomorrow.

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 21 March 2011

First Swim of the Year

Hi All,

Daisy & Holly here!

Today has been a super day, we've been out running across the fields, we've been chasing each other all over the house, we've had a super snoozett this morning and after lunch we had our First Swim This Year!

Holly, me and Old Two Legs went down the Sea Wall after lunch and had a walk along the beach. The tide was just on the turn and was gently splashing waves on the beach. The only problem was that the concrete was so slippery that we kept slipping over!

Slippery or Wot!

We ran all along the concrete path and down the steps onto the beach where there were loads of sea shells. There we met another dog, called Bonnzo, we said hello as we passed on the beach.

Hello Bonnzo!
Holly reckoned it was warm enough to go for a swim and she bet me next weeks Rawhide Chew and said I would not go in for a swim. Well, for a Chew, I might just!

To Swim or Not To Swim?
I wandered in up to my tummy and made a splashing noise as if I was swimming, but I still kept all four paws on the bottom!

Holly said I was cheating, I said I was not, then we got into a 'Discussion'!

I was out there!

So I went into the water again and pointed out where I was swimming, but she said I was cheating and she would not give up the Chew to a cheat!

I said that I was going to tell OTL and he would sort it out, trouble is, by the time we got back in the car, I'd forgotten all about it!

I must make a note on my iPod to have a meeting with him tomorrow!

See you again soon, I hope!


Daisy and Holly

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Home Alone!

Hello there,

Daisy & Holly here!

Have we had a strange day today. Old Two Legs was up early this morning, we got our normal run across the fields and boy was it cold! There was a deep frost on the ground and the cars were covered!

The frost did not last long 'cos as soon at the sun shone it just disappeared.

When we got back, we had our brush and The Missus gave us a whacking big bowl of chicken each, it was super!

Tails up and muzzles in girls!

That did not last very long and soon we had cleared the bowl and was looking for OTL for our little after breakfast snoozett.

OTL was all dressed up ready to go out, and he came down stairs, gave us both a stroke and went out the front door without us. About ten minutes later, TM was out the front door with all her card making stuff, we were on our own!

Seems OTL was out for one of his photography meetings, all day, and TM was off to her local Crop.

Well we thought, the house is ours!

We had a wonderful game of chase all over the place, upstairs in the bedrooms and out in the garden. We both had a sleep on their bed, it was lovely stretched out across their pillows!

A couple of hours later we heard TM come back to take us out for our midday walk, so that wasn't too bad and then we got taken up to the village hall to see the ladies who were 'Cropping'.

Busy doing Cropping!
There were Ooo's and Aaah's when we walked in and we had fun chasing each other all around the hall, having a sniff in the bags in case there was any food to be found!

Bag Sniffin for food!
No such luck, just the normal glue pots and and sparkle stuff!

Holly had an explore and found a notice she could not work out the reason for, why wash your 'hands' us puppies are clean girls, we don't handle our food.

Paws for Hand Washing!

We just shove our snouts into the bowl and bite lumps out. Much safer that way 'cos you never know what we tread in when we're out, glue, peel off's, pen ink, paints, sticky bits of sponge, well these Croppers are a strange bunch and you never know what they play with!

See you tomorrow, let's hope the sunshine is still here!


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rainy Day Puppies

Hello to you all!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Friday started off very well, we had a good walk with Old Two Legs over the fields where we woofed at some skylarks and chased each other up and down the path.

We got back and after a good brush we were served some Pigs Liver and biscuits for breakfast. The Missus is learning you know!

Around nine there was a ring on the door bell and there stood the food man! He is always welcome at our door, especially if he is bringing our food!

Once all the food was put away TM gave us our Rawhide Chew, a sort of 'Friday Treat' for us.

As we only got one, that means there is some 'Grumbly Time' as Holly and I sort out who gets first chew. Today Holly got the chew first. I jumped in later and took it off her, so that meant more 'Grumbly Times' but we got over that in our normal way.

Around lunch time we were looking forward to a long walk with OTL but as soon as we stuck our noses outside the door we knew it was going to be a walk around the football field.

It was Raining, that slow steady drippy rain that soon makes you too wet to have fun.

A quick wee and a poo and we were running for home, leaving OTL a long way behind!

The rest of the day was spent having a snooze in our day bed and chewing on a carrot that Holly mugged from TM.

There was loads of carrot bits all over the house where Holly and I decided to stop for a chew!

We also had a game of 'Hide the Carrot' in our bed and we had to find it, while the other was still in bed!

Carrot Hunting!
That means loads of growling and snuffling and grumbles and some times we bite each others tail, pretending it's the carrot!

Needless to say we always end up having a cuddle and a snoozett, just before going down stairs to see what TM is doing for dinner!

Afternoon Cuddle, before dinner!
It was Chicken! She is certainly learning her lesson!

Sunshine tomorrow, so we are looking for some fun!

See you tomorrow,



Friday, 18 March 2011

Lumberjack Puppies!

Hi all,

It's D&H back again.

The Missus took us out this morning and after all our protest yesterday, what did she do?

Puppy Food Again for breakfast!

This is not on you know!

We have decided we will go on a 'Sit Down' strike in protest. Everywhere TM went, we would sit down in front of her and give her the old 'Hairy Eyeball' treatment.

When she wanted to go upstairs, we rushed in front of her and walked, slowly, up the stairs. It was the same when she came down, we got in front of her and slowly walked down.

Aunty Angela arrived today to play at card making with TM, the pair were gassing away and slapping the glue pot around, throwing sparkle stuff all over the carpet!

Holly decided to stay down stairs on the arm chair and put the 'Eye Ball' on the pair of them but it didn't seem to work.

Later, Old Two Legs had to take the printer down the rubbish dump, it stopped working and had gone on permanent strike!

Just across the road from the dump is The Farm!

We had a great time, 'cos we haven't been to The Farm for a while, there were so many new sniffs to sniff and woods to explore.

Sniffin New Sniffs!
We chased each other all through the woods and up the paths and across the field where the footpath went. We had a super run across the grass field where they keep sheep sometimes.

Then we saw it, an enormous pile of logs by the side of the road, waiting to be picked up. Well, Holly being champion climber, was straight up the top followed closely by me.

OTL was jumping up and down and telling us to get off because it could all fall down with our weight on top.

Yeh! Right, like, us little puppies are going to move that lot. No way!

Lumberjack Puppies!
When we finally got down from the pile, OTL put us both on our leads, just to teach us a lesson!

Oooooooh! He can be so masterful sometimes!

We understood he was only getting cross because he didn't want us to get hurt, so we forgave him this time for putting the lead on early.

On the way home in the car we were singing the Lumberjack Song, you know, the one that goes, 'I'm a Lumberjack and I'm all right, I work all day and I woof all night'

Then in turn we each add a silly line, like, 'I'm a Lumberjack, I wear a hat and I smell like a Pussy Cat'

Holly was laughing so hard, she was rolling around on the back seat of the car holding her ribs because, she said, they were hurting so much!

I'm not sure if it was the funny lines or OTL's singing!

Good news, TM must have got the message, we had Pigs Liver for dinner tonight, so it seems our strike worked after all!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Play Smelly for Us

Hello to you all out there,

Daisy & Holly back again after a funny old day.

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning for a run across the fields. When we got to the horses, Holly woofed at the horses in the field and I noticed there was a super smell on the ground, so I had a roll in it!

What I didn't know was that the horses were being fed by their owners and they had a big Woofing Dog with them!

Well, Holly went woof woof and this other dog turned around and went WOOF! WOOF! and chased after Holly, saw me and chased after ME!

We did our 'Run and Turn Quickly' trick which threw him off a bit but he still chased us all along the path until his owners called him back.

It was a bit hairy for a time but we outwitted him, 'cos we're smart puppies!

OTL got us back home and marched me straight into the kitchen, filled the bowl up with warm water and dog shampoo. I sort of knew what was going to happen next, yep, I got washed all over my back.

He washed off the smell, well not quite all of it, there was still a hint left to show off to Holly with!

That was until we wanted to follow OTL up into the loft, he lifted Holly up then came down for me.

Cuddled in his arm we climbed the ladder, 'Cor, Poo!' he said, 'You Honk!'

I thought I smelt OK, just sort of South of Doggy and West of Horse, if you know what I mean!

Not OTL, as soon as he got us out of the loft, he got out the 'Doggy Deodorant' and squirted it all over my back!

Did I jump or what!

That is not a nice thing to do to a little puppy like me.

Now I smell like the bathroom after The Missus has been getting ready for a party, all sort of flowers, talcum powder, tooth paste and the squirty smell she sprays all over her!

Mind you, we did get Lamb Mince today for breakfast and dinner, sort of makes it worthwhile, almost!

See you again tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hard work having fun!

Hi All!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have had a quite sort of day today. Breakfast of tinned dog food went down like a cold wet dish cloth! We don't know what is wrong with The Missus, she knows what we love and what we don't and what do we get?

Old Two Legs took us out at lunch time and we went down to the Sea Wall. The tide was out so we had a wonderful run up and down the beach, over the sea shells and jumping over the breakwaters!

Because it was very misty we couldn't see the ships, so we could not wave to all the sailors as normal, but we did bark at the Fog Horn at Sheerness!

Misty View
We ran along the beach almost all the way to the end of the Sea Wall and then we ran and chased all
the way back. I don't know if you have tried running on sea shells but it's a bit like running in mud and it makes you very tired if you do too much of it.

Yes, we did too much running on the sea shells!

The afternoon was spent having a snooze in OTL's office, you know we were even too worn out to try beating each other up!

Snoozing with My Sister
I reckon that we will spend this evening snoozing as well, providing that is we get a decent meal this evening!

See you tomorrow, if we don't succumb to hunger!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Guard Dogs R Us

Hello all you Woofers!

It's Daisy and Holly here again.

We have been good girls. We have been doing our job as House Guard Dogs and scaring off all those night time burglars and The Sneaky Rubbish Raiding Pussy Cats.

It was about four in the morning when I heard Holly woofing, so, I started up as well in support of her verbal attack against these intruders, after a few moments I asked what she was barking about and she said that she was only barking because I was barking and I said that I was only barking 'cos she was.

We both looked at each other and was about to discuss who barked first, when, in a flurry of Winceyette Nightie and 'flip flop' hob nail boots, The Missus came crashing onto the scene growling and snarling and barking and making a terrible noise!

She rattled her hair rollers and stamped her feet on the ground, not a pretty sight!

Well, she certainly scared the burglars and pussy cats away, plus she scared us too!

We shot up stairs to Old Two Legs and jumped into bed with him so that he would protect us from TM!

We didn't hear any more burglars and if we did I think we may just let TM deal with them!

OLT took us out to the New Park and although it was a little chilly, we had a good run around and said hello to a number of dogs we knew, and a few we didn't!

Now there's a sign that tickles Old Two Legs when ever he goes through the gates to the park. It is to do with the dog owners picking up the mess after their dogs. (I think they mean the poo)!

Well, there are some owners that don't and we keep coming across the evidence!

This notice makes OTL smile and really gets to the point, trouble is, it's wasted on some owners, maybe they can't read the notice? Maybe they think there is a Poo Fairy!

The Poo Fairy!
As Holly says, we are OK, we don't need a Poo Fairy, we got Old Two Legs!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunday is for resting!

Hello Everyone, I hope your Sunday has been relaxing.

With the exception of Angela, we hear it's her birthday, so breakfast in bed, the kids do the housework and the ironing, finishing up with a wild party tonight?

Happy Birthday!

We've had a lazy day today, after yesterdays route march around The Marshes we felt a little 'Jaded'.

I had a twinge in my back legs, Old Two Legs reckons it is cramp, so he gives my legs a good rub which seems to ease the ache. By the time Sunday comes, it has all cleared up and I'm back to normal again!

We went down to the Sea Wall today and had a long run along the beach, Holly and me went sniffin around the concrete blocks to see if there were and Sea Monsters lurking underneath them.

There was nothing there except an old shoe and a bit of seaweed!

Sea Monsters were Here!
We had Pigs Liver and some doggy biscuits for dinner, the biscuits were boring but the liver was super, Holly and I can't get enough of that stuff!

I think it's time for a snoozett before mugging OTL for a biscuit before we head off to bed.

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 13 March 2011

We've Been Birdwatching & Badger Chasing & Fox Hunting & Hole Digging!

Hello to you All!

And a Happy Birthday to Steve, save some cake for us!

We have been having really good fun today!

Old Two Legs did as he promised and took us on an Adventure, we've been down to Canterbury and out on the marshes, well, sort of round the edge really.

We left early and packed our food and water into the boot together with OTL's camera gear and binoculars and his Bird Watching coat.

All the way down we were singing songs and asking if we were there yet, just to wind OTL up!

The first bit of the walk was over the bridge, which always has loads of smells drifting along the river, there were smells of ducks and dragonfly's and frogs and weed and rats!

River Stour
A little further on we saw a Long Tailed Tit and for a change it was on it's own, which is unusual as they normally keep in family groups.

Long Tailed Tit
We started off by looking for any signs of life, there was loads, Holly reckons she smelt the foot print of a Water Monster and we made plans to catch it and take it home to The Missus, but OTL said it was Swans Poo and we had to leave it alone. How does he know, he didn't smell it!?

Sniffin for Water Monsters!
A bit further on we smelt Foxes and Greasy Badgers and Holly tried to dig a hole in the bank side but OTL said that if we did that the water would come through and we would have to swim home!

Digging for Foxes
OTL was Here!
We had a good game of tracking OTL, we ran off pretending to chase a rabbit so that we could not see OTL, then we turned around and using only our noses, we followed OTL's smell. We tried doing it with our eyes shut but kept falling into the ditches, so we kept our eyes on the path instead.

It was good fun until we lost him really and it was only when he called us that we realised he had gone up the steps to a bird hide!

OTL' bin Here!
We found OTL!
We must have gone miles around the marshes, we certainly felt worn out by the end of the day.

After a long day like that, you can imagine, we slept all the way back home and most of the evening and even went to bed early.

Who knows, we may be out on another adventure tomorrow and us puppies need our sleep!

See you all soon,


Daisy & Holly