Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Ferret War Cry!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Today we were expecting some sunshine and first thing it was all super sunny, but at ten fifteen the clouds came over and the treat of rain was upon us!

It had to rain, the local church was holding it's 'Garden Fete' in the field behind us! Seems they have no 'Influence' in 'High Places'!

Back to this mornings run.

We got down to the beach and of course, the first thing the ferrets do is to run down to the sea shore hunting 'Wriggly Things' and have a paddle in the rock pools!

I'm off Hunting Wriggly's!
Mr Brambles was more interested in doing some Rock Climbing up the top of the beach!

This is good exercise for a ferret!
Holly and I were on the lookout for rabbits and were doing our 'Sit Still & Wait' trick but today for some reason, no rabbit came out to play!

It didn't help when Mr Brambles offered to go down the hole and chase a rabbit or two out!

No, we don't need you to find us a rabbit to play with, thank you very much!
Back home, our road had been closed off because of the fete but Old Two Legs just drove over the sign!

Miss Snowflake had been telling us of the famous 'Ferret War Cry' and offered to demonstrate it using her toys.

Now, Holly and I thought it would be great fun and got ready to fake some 'Oooooh!' calls for when she started.

Now I know I'm not very brave but when she started it had me backing away towards the door!

She opened her mouth and showed her teeth and gave off a terrible howl that even silenced Holly!

Yhaawooool!!!!...............A Ferret, A Ferret, A Ferret!
First she attacked one toy and then next she took on both toys at the same time!

It was terribly impressive even if I say so myself!

OK, Now Both at The Same Time..............Yhaawooool!!!!!!!!
 You know, I was glad when she got to the end of the demo, I've never seen all her teeth and claws at the same time before, scary!

The rest of the morning was all Snoozy 'cos OTL was busy doing bits of paperwork in the office, so we didn't see him until after lunch!

When we did get out again it was just starting to rain, not heavily but enough for Holly to notice and grumble!

Me? I just went for a splash, all on my own!

I just love a quiet splash about in my very own sea!
 You could see there was some sort of rainy storm brewing, the clouds were getting blacker and heading our way!

Here comes the rain!
 Funny thing was, it stopped as soon as we got home and that was it! No more rain. Maybe we will get some tonight while we're asleep, we don't mind that sort of rain, it washes the cars and waters the plants and makes puddles for Holly to skip around!

Bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.