Friday, 14 September 2018

Getting Closer!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here!

Well, wot a busy day everyone had yesterday, there was Archie Babe's Mum having her teeth pulled, just so they can stick them back next week! Why don't they just leave them where they are? It would save all that pain and suffering and at no cost!

We just don't understand these Two Legs!

You know it's the same with Izzy's Mum, off she goes to the TL Vet and get screws and metal plates embedded into her spine and then gets told not to bend down! I mean, with all that lot and a bucket of Araldite there would be no way anyone could bend!

We just don't understand these Two Legs!

Then on top of that, Auntie Sue goes off on a Mystery Tour, I mean, just suppose you get to where the Mystery Bus drops you off and you don't know where you are, how are you going to get back again?

We just don't understand these Two Legs!

The sunrise here was a little dismal, in fact it didn't even rate a photo!

Instead he took one of Holly and I looking for Sock Monsters.

Aren't they supposed to live under beds?
Back home OTL was busy finishing off the paperwork and packing the last of our toys.

Lunchtime we headed off to the beach but the weather hadn't changed, so that means the ferrets were bothering OTL for a carry!

Finally they got down and went off hunting Nargles 'cos all the Sock Monsters were at home hiding under the bed, according to Auntie Sue that is!

Holly and I enjoyed a sniff of ozone and roting sea weed before heading off to the car.

How can anyone think of living in that stuff?
 That's the problem with Holly Chops, she sometimes gets too philosophical!

I decided to have a game with OTL and when we got back to the football field, I just sat myself down to a super sniffy sniff and let everyone get into the car.

Then I sat there.

OTL jumped up and down, calling me and waving his arms about.

I sat there and turned my head the other way to him.

OTL started to wave his arms about vigorously and with purpose.

I sat there and wriggled my tail just to get a bit more sniff on it.

Next thing I see is OTL stamping his way across the field heading in my direction. I waited until he was about ten paces away, then I was up and ran all the way back to the car, jumped in and waited for OTL to shut the back door to the car.

You know, I don't get any thanks for helping him take some exercise to get his weight down, just abuse and threats!

It's a hard life being a woofer in this house!

Guess where I am?
 We have been looking at The Misses FaceAche messages, just in case she has arranged a surprise box of Doggy Goodies for us to take on holiday, anyway, we saw that Auntie Chris and Caz are off to the hospital to get 'Sorted'! Loads of luck and kisses from us this end of the county!

OTL has been fussing about making sure we take my medicine and he is expecting a delivery of my pills today, all ready to take away with us. They had better arrive 'cos we don't want any 'Accidents' on the car seat!

All of us have been making lists of our 'Singing Songs' we will be singing as we head up the motorway and of course we will be blowing raspberries at the truckers as we pass them!

It's the only way to start the holiday!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret.