Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles here!

You would never guess but, it's still raining!

Last night Old Two Legs had to get up at two fifteen to get rid of a large puddle of rain water that had settled in the roof of the awning!

He did try to wake The Missus up and send her out but she wouldn't wake up!

Funny that!

Now yesterday was great!

We went for our walk and saw one of the Loch Frisa Sea Eagles circling above the cliffs and trees. The sun was shining and MacHolly and I were on the hunt for the rabbits we knew were around. MacHolly said that they were crafty rabbits 'cos they were always looking up to see if the eagles were about!

OTL spotted a notice about dog walking and cycle riding along the paths and how we should shut the gates and not let woofers chase sheep, unless you were and experienced Sheep Dog Woofer and then only under the command of a Shepherd!

MacHolly wanted to know what happens when the Heeland Coo's arrive!

Getting back to the notice, OTL saw right at the bottom, next to a clump of moss or lichen there was a reminder about the weather!

Don't we Know!

There are loads of Bluebell flowers up here, all of them are the English Bluebell, none of your Spanish ones like the ones down South! These ones are shorter, (to keep out of the wind) and the flowers are darker, very pretty!

English and Proud of it!
MacHolly and I set about looking for rabbits. Instead of just charging about hoping to scare one of them into running, MacHolly decided to do the 'Sneaky Up On Them' trick and started off by hiding behind a rock!

I Spy with My Doggy Eye, Nothing!
While she was doing that, OTL was on his knees taking a picture of a fern that was 'unrolling'.

Hello Fern!
Having failed to spot a rabbit, MacHolly came running up the path and got to the small river thingy that crossed the path. Normally it is not very deep and we just skip across, but not today. It was no problem for me 'cos I don't mind the water but MacHolly just doesn't do big puddles of deep rivers!
So, she very slowly started to cross.

Looks a bit deep!
The water started to get too far up her legs, so she turned around and crossed by the rocks that OTL used!

These are a bit Wobbly!
I was up on the rocks trying to spot some rabbits but they were all hiding again!

Keeping an eye out for.....?
Once we got back it was off to Tobermory to do some shopping while MacHolly and I stayed in the car guarding it against anyone who came too close!

The Harbour.
That done we headed off to Loch Spelvie to do some Otter Spotting. Now Otters are a bit lit our ferrets, but much bigger and they spend almost all of their time in the water, unlike our ferrets who just fall in the water by mistake!

OTL and us sat on a rock for a while trying to spot Otters!

Us Otter Spotting!
As we were heading back home OTL suddenly stopped the car and said that he had seen an Otter! We watched the water where he had seen it and sure enough, there it was hunting for it's dinner!

It's an Otter!
OK, not a very good shot of the otter but OTL and TM spent some time watching it through their binoculars which they said was a better view!

MacHolly and I don't have binoculars, so we just looked out of the car and wondered if it tasted like a ferret?

Talking of tasty things, we came across a load of chickens in a field and there, hiding in the grass was a big Peacock!

Of course MacHolly asked the usual question!

Yes.....but does it taste like chicken?
Back home we told the ferrets all about the otter and how it looks just like Mr McBrambles but a thousand times bigger!

We are expecting some rain tomorrow morning but with a bit of luck the sun will come back by the afternoon!

See you tomorrow!