Sunday, 8 September 2019

A Relatively Quiet Night!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Now I know you are dying to know what went on last night, ferret wise that is!

Just before a quarter to two last night Old Two Legs got the 'Royal Nudge' from The Missus and the words, 'They're at it again!'

By the time OTL got into the office things had quieten down a bit but Wendy had taken over Eric's bed and Eric was down on the lower hammock!

Investigations showed that there was a pile of poo in Wendy's bed together with a gallon of wee!

It looks like Eric had come back from a wee, tried to climb into Wendy's bed, got thrown out and caused Miss Wendy to show off good and proper!

OTL cleared up the poo, lined the cuddle cup with some kitchen towel, put the ferrets back in their proper beds and went back to bed himself!

That's the way it stayed until morning and both ferrets decided they would stay in bed and let Holly and I go for a walk with OTL.

The first thing we spotted was a Navy Type of ship heading up the Thames, no lights, 'Running Dark'!

HMS Dunno!
 Once we got down to the Sea Wall we saw the first sunrise of the Autumn, well, it is the first proper one we have seen!

You can tell it's getting closer to Autumn when we see a sunrise!
 OTL took several shots and although it's not the best one we've seen, it's not too bad!

As we got closer to the Car Park we spotted another Grain Rock but this one was sitting on the notice board. OTL did his thing and moved it up a level and positioned it so it looks like it was waiting for us!

Anyone taken 'Notice' of me?
Back home the ferrets were on their best behaviour and had a rampage around the house while OTL did his cleaning job!

You can always know when the ferrets are getting tired, they head for a sleeping spot and curl up for a snooze before going back into the cage again!

This morning OTL left us in his office, guarding the house while he washed the caravan all over, getting ready for the holiday in a weeks time.

Next week Holly and I will be getting all our holiday stuff out, you know, swimming cozzy, sun glasses, Factor 500, tennis balls and throwing sticks!

Lunchtime we met up with Bob who just loves OTL 'cos OTL is the only one who will pick up and throw Bob's water ball.

The ball is a plastic thing that is full of water so that when you pick it up you get a squirt of water to cool you down. The only problem is, most Two Legs don't like picking it up as it feels like it is covered with loads of dribble!

Of course, OTL doesn't worry and Bob loves chasing the ball when it's thrown and of course he loves OTL for not being squirmy!

I mean, OTL will wipe his paw on the grass to wipe off the dribble!

Got a soggy one for you OTL!
This afternoon it was all sunshine and clouds but later on next week we reckon we may see the tail end of that hurricane that bounced off the East Coast of America although we don't expect it to be anywhere near as destructive!

Make to most of it 'cos it will be rain coats later this week!
 This afternoon we watched the F1 Racing while The Missus was up the village hall playing with the Glue & Glitter again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.