Tuesday, 26 November 2013

We Love OTL, when he gets the Chicken Fillets!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

No rain today, which is good news as far as we are concerned! Our morning run was uneventful, no poo to roll in!

Mind you, the ferrets came up with a really good sniff on the beach!

Now this sniff is worth telling the dogs about!
 We congratulated them on finding it even though I'm sure Holly or I would have found it in time!

Mr Brambles wanted to play 'Rock Climbing' again. He is getting much better at wiggling his way through the rocks, it shows his hips are much better than when he first arrived at our house!

Yeah! Call me Rocky!
 There was one point when he thought he heard a woofer or a hawk squawking. You see, ferrets have to be careful of birds of prey swooping down on them, that is why they always run close to the long grass, just so they can dive into the undergrowth if there is danger near!

Wot Was That?
 Holly said that if any woofers got close she would see them off. Mr Brambles said 'Thanks' but you could see he was still looking about, just in case!

Don't worry, we'll look after you!
Back home the ferrets had a super game with Old Two Legs while he cleaned their living quarters, Mr Brambles even did a race around his cage then out the door and race around the office ending up in the cardboard boxes!

OTL thought it was very funny, especially when Snowflake kept jumping out on top of Mr B shouting that she was a 'Hawk'!

Late morning we were off with OTL to do some deliveries and he said he had some shopping to do, in the Doggy Shop!

Now, we all know what else there is in the Doggy Shop don't we?

There are Lunchtime Rabbits and Chews and Chicken Fillets and Super Sniffs and, well, the list goes on for ever!

First of all we dragged OTL to the 'Chicken Fillet' shelf and he put all of the packs, six in all, into his basket, then a couple of Chicken and Rice chews!

Then he went off to the 'Small Animal' section and got a couple of very small stainless steel bowls for the ferrets morning milk and a new water bottle that you hang on the cage.

The water bottle is for the 'Show Cage' so they won't get thirsty this Saturday at The Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Show, which is being held in the Village Hall, in Harrietsham.

We are keeping our claws crossed for Snowflake winning the Albino section but we need to see the others before shouting too loudly. Mind you, Snowflake looks is super condition, she has put on a bit of 'Fat' for Winter and her coat is looking super. All her claws are looking the right shape and size and her whiskers are all there, no broken ones and they are the same size on each side of her face!

OTL has made sure her ears are good and clean 'cos he cleaned out the waxy bits a few months ago and they have remained good and clean since.

Mr Brambles says that he is not too sure about him winning anything 'cos he still has the shaved area where his 'War Wound' is and he is not as fat as Snowflake, but, he is bright eyed and now his hair is growing back, he is on his way to being Bushy Tailed as well!

Next year Mr Brambles reckons he will be in 'Show Condition' and ready to see of all comers!

So, the honour of this house rests with Snowflake this year, claws crossed.

OTL did say that if he could find a Ferret Mask, he would put that on and enter the 'Pole Cat' section but we reckon they may spot he hasn't got a tail and disqualify him!

When we came out of the Doggy Shop, OTL opened up a bag of the Chicken Fillets and Holly and I had a chew while OTL drove off down the road.

It wasn't long before we could sniff some old, familiar sniffs, yes, we definitely knew the sniff!

Up we both jumped and had a look out of the window, it was The New Park!

That was great! We hadn't been there for a little while so we sniffed our way all around. OTL saw that they had almost finished the cafe and Two Legs toilets, we reckon that should be open before Springtime. Of course, a cafe means drinks for the two legs and food for us!

Roll on Springtime! Do you think they will sell Chicken Fillets, just for us doggies?

OTL has just told me he wants his computer back so I'll say bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake (A Show Winner) and Mr Brambles