Wednesday, 28 September 2016

TM is back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back again!

Wot a super day it has been!

We were up early this morning 'cos we had to get the house all tidy and ready for The Missus when she came back home.

Holly was rushing around picking up all the old carrots and biscuits while I was licking all the plates clean before putting them all in the dish washer!

OTL made the bed and got rid of all the crumbs and bits of carrot that got left under the duvet!

We got down to the beach and the sun was getting up. There was a funny blue light just under the sun and we were not too sure what it was. May said it could be a UFO (Unidentified Ferret Object!)

OTL said he wasn't sure while Holly and I said it was the reflection of the moon from over the horizon!

Any other suggestions? 

It's an Ooo Fow Ow!
 We had a game with the rubber ball, May said she had a super hole in the sand, just big enough for the ball.

Come on let me bury it this time!
 i was down the beach a bit trying to decide if I should dig my own hole!

I rather fancy here to be honest!
 In the end OTL picked up the ball and hid it in the ferret bag so no one could bury it!

Back home we managed to get everything cleared away in time and we sat up at the bedroom window waiting for TM.

Of course, when she arrived we gave her a good Woofers Welcome to show how we missed her!

You know, so far, she hasn't pointed out any things we had missed in our cleaning, so we reckon we have got away with it this time!

Lunchtime down the beach was good, Holly sat on the beach catching up with her tan while Fred and Wendy had a roll in the sea weed.

I did suggest that the water was super warm and just right for a swim but Holly Chops didn't share my enthusiasm!

In your dreams Daisy Dog!
 Well, it didn't stop me from charging in for a splash about, even though I didn't have a ball to chase!

We have just got to get another ball!
Back home to some Lambs heart that OTL had cooked and then under the office desk for a snooze!

OTL got a frozen curry out of the freezer this morning, so we know what he has got tonight, it looks like we will have to put up with Naan Bread tonight and a slurp of gravy!

Now what is all this about fleas? We thought you had got rid of the little devils? You must have got too close to those Hedge Hogs again. We reckon your TL should not only give you the treatment but spray the house and then chase the Hedge Hogs with the spray as well!

I'm sure the Hedge Hog would be pleased to get rid of those fleas!

We were sent a video of a Badger raiding a bird feeder, now there is an animal with fleas, it's a good job we don't get any in our garden!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy de Ferret.