Sunday, 4 March 2012

Damp Sunday

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again!

What a damp old day it has been today!

We were out early with Old Two Legs, well, about ten thirty 'cos we all over slept and just didn't fancy getting up early!

The wind was getting up and we could feel the beginning of rain starting to fall. So, off we went at a sharp trot to get back before it got too wet!

Just as we got to our normal 'turn to go back' spot, who should appear? Barney!

Yahoooo Girlies!

Hey girls, have you seen my ball?

Have you found my ball?
 We said that we had not seen it and we had kept an eye open for it. Never mind, he said, I've got hundreds more at home but that one tasted just right!

OK, Right! Must dash, it is starting to rain and I don't have my coat on and you know how I hate rain!

And with that, he was off!

Bye bye Girlies!
 We carried on the walk and found some fishermen, so Holly asked if they had seen Barney's ball but they hadn't, so we left them to pack up their gear before the rain came down!

Have you seen Barney's ball?
 Back home we got a good rub down with the towel and a brush plus some anti flea stuff. We always get 'done' in the first few days of the month. It pongs a bit but after a while you get used to the smell.

After lunch we went out for our walk again but this time it was raining seriously, so serious that Old Two Legs put our coats on, which kept the rain off our backs, but not our faces!

Out of the car, chase a couple of rabbits and a quick wee then back to the car, no hanging about when the weather is like this!

Back home to another towelling and a snooze on the sofa until dinner time, waking only to mug OTL for a cookie!

Lambs heart tonight, well that's what The Missus said, providing she doesn't burn them!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Warm & Dry on a Sunday evening)