Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Skomer is Shut Again!

Yacky Dar Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We've had some fun today!

We went out for our morning stroll along the beach with Old Two Legs and the ferrets. The ferrets were in a right 'Fidget Mood' and  wouldn't stay in their Ferret Bag, so OTL had to put us all in the car and drive to the beach!

He even had to leave the camera in the car 'cos Holy and I were 'acting up' as well!

We found some more Nelly Fish on the beach and Mr Bramble dug a whacking great hole while Snowflake was climbing up the rocks!

OTL had to put Holly on the lead 'cos she was looking towards one of the houses that fronts onto the beach and yesterday we both went and investigated it, even though it had a notice saying 'Private, Keep Out'!

Not that Holly or I take any notice of those signs anyway!

Back at the caravan OTL got the ferrets all sorted out and then announced that he was 'Off to look at Skomer'!

'Right' says Holly and I and we both jumped into the car!

Off we went and before long OTL had pay some money just to cross a bridge!

We drove for about an hour through the country lanes and finally landed at the car park for Skomer Island Boat Trips.

First of all we were jumped on by a couple of ladies from the National Trust who demanded five pounds for us to park the car.

OTL had a little snivel and told them he had paid last time but they still wouldn't allow him in until he handed over the money!

Then he left us in the car and went down to the boat house to see if they were going to run any boats to Skomer today, no!

Well what about tomorrow?

No, don't think so, maybe Thursday.

Thursday is no good 'cos we're getting packed to move off to Cirencester on Friday!

So it's fingers and claws crossed for Wednesday!

We were told that we could have a walk over the headland and have a look at Skomer from the cliff tops.

Off we set, the wind was blowing a good gale off the Irish Sea and OTL insisted on us wearing our harnesses and lead, just in case we got too close to the cliff edge!

As if!

As we got onto the headland and looked down at the sea it didn't seem too rough and Holly said that even she could sail a boat down there!

Doesn't look too bad!
 Then we went around the headland a bit further, the wind started to blow a bit stronger and the sea looked like it was rushing past the rocks!

Mmm, Well, Maybe Not today!
 Holly, being all brave says 'Come on, let's look over the cliff edge up there!'

Bet you can see a lot from there!
 Oh My! Yes we could see a lot. A lot of white water around some nasty looking rocks between us and Skomer Island!

Looks like a bit of a tide running down there!
 OTL zoomed in with his camera and you could see how the water was rushing past the rocks!

A real Tide Race!
 We went further around the head and looked down to see a seal in the water below, but it was just too far to see what sort it was and on top of that we weren't planning on getting too close to the edge!

Well, it's a black looking lump and it's eating a fish, so it must be a seal or maybe TM in her swimming costume!
  On the way back I was 'Speed Sniffing' from the window which is always great fun. Holly tied to get her nose in as well but I wouldn't give up my place at the window, so she showed off and went to sleep on the cushion in the back of the car!

Tomorrow, OTL has to telephone the boat people to see if they will be running any boats, so we still don't know if OTL is going to get his Puffin Shots!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.