Friday, 9 August 2013

It's Raining!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

We woke up this morning and there was rain falling on the garden and the pond. When the rain is really pouring down, it makes a super 'Tinkly' sound and providing your not stuck out in it, it is very restful.

So, there was The Missus, with the back door open, sitting on the sofa, listening to the rain fall.

Trouble was, she forgot to shut up all the other windows that were open and now we have wet, damp, dribbly curtains!

At walkies time the rain had stopped and Snowflake had gone to bed again, but this time she hid in the big box of paper that Old Two Legs keeps as an adventure playground for the ferrets. It was only the paper moving up and down that gave her away!

Mr Brambles was well up for a run and was waiting inside the travelling cage, waiting for OTL to put Mr Brambles harness on!

So that was it, just three of us this morning.

The rain had stopped but the grass was very wet and there were puddles all over the place. I went off chasing rabbits again, Mr Brambles was in and out of the grass sniffin' the sniffs and Holly was wandering about trying not to get too wet!

Sniffin' The Sniffs!
I could hear OTL calling me but I was having too much fun, well that was until I got caught on some bramble bushes and couldn't get free. OTL, Holly and Mr Brambles were wandering off, as they normally do, expecting me to catch up but I couldn't, I was pulling and jumping and wriggling but that bush was holding on tight.

I sat there and started to think, if I went in forwards, then by moving backwards, that should get the brambles out of my collar.

So I tried that and after a bit I was free!

I legged it across the long grass and up the hill until I found the others. I was a bit upset by that bush and I had to have a cuddle with OTL when he crouched down to pick bits out of my coat.

In fact I jumped up onto his lap and managed to get his nice clean trousers all soaking wet and just a little muddy, then he patted my tail and shoved me off!

Mr Brambles was still jogging along and enjoying the wet grass sniffs.

Holly and I had some fun chasing each other around on the beach and just as a joke we jumped into the hole Mr Brambles was digging! That was until he chased us out!

....and stay outta My Hole
The beach was full of interesting 'Maritime Sniffs' today, mostly sea weed and plastic bottles and sea gull poo!

So Many Sniffs!
Mr Brambles said that he never knew there could be so many sniffs in such a small area!

We spotted a Wormy Man heading off to dig in the mud and Holly suggested we go and see what he was digging.

There goes The Wormy Man!
 When we saw just how far his boots were sinking into the mud, we decided that OTL might just have something to say about it when we wanted to get back in the car!

Well, maybe not this time!
 Mr Brambles has got short legs and can't run as fast as us, but, some times we get really bored waiting for him to catch us up and to help him get a move on, we call to him to hurry up and Holly even called him 'Shorty' today.

That was it, he called back that if he caught us in the car, we would both feel his teeth in our butt's!

Oooh! Don't he get upset when you call 'Come on Shorty'!
When we got back to the car, Holly and I sat up the front with the big antenna and sat down on our butts so Mr Brambles couldn't  get to us!

After getting dried on our towel, he was put straight back into his cage, so there was no chance of him trying his teeth out on us today!

We had to share the car with a big antenna that OTL is messing about with on the Dustbin Lorry Job he is working on. He is delivering it this afternoon, fitting it next week and he reckons there are more lorries and even little sweepers he will be working on!

I don't mind delivering it but the pong when you get there is Terrible!
Once again, The Missus had to take us out for a walk, boring, boring, boring! We will be glad when OTL gets finished then we can have some proper walks and maybe even get down to The Forest where we haven't been for ages!

So, we are sitting by the window now waiting for OTL to come back and get his 'Welcome Home Lick'!

See you tomorrow and we will actually see some of you tomorrow won't we?


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles