Sunday, 21 June 2015

It's, Summer Solstice, Fathers Day, Longest Day, Shortest Night and F1 Racing Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a day it is today! It seems that everything has come all of a sudden on one day!

Now we knew it was Fathers Day today and Holly and I gave Old Two Legs a present each.

Holly had a bit of Rawhide Chew that she had been chewing and made all soft and soggy and she had hidden it under his pillow so he could have a chew before he got up this morning.

The only trouble was, he suffers from Hay Fever and first thing this morning he was in need of blowing his nose, so, he stuck his hand under the pillow, grabbed something soft and a bit damp, pulled it out and blew his nose!

Holly says that if he gives it a wash under the warm tap it will be OK for chewing later!

I decided that what OTL would really like is a big wet nose in his ear just before he wakes up good and proper!

So I did!

When he had got up and went in to say good morning to the ferrets, they both gave him a cuddle and a lick on the cheek, before scurrying off to fill the Poo Pot up some more!

It's a Ferret Thing!

Then we were off to The Beach!

By the time we got there, the ferrets had gone back to sleep in the travelling cage and it took a bit to wake them back up again, but, once they were awake it was full speed to the beach!

Are we there already?
 Snowflake reckons she saw something move in the bottom of one of the Rock Pools, Holly said it was a Nargle while Brambles said it was a 'Slimy Thing'!

I wasn't sure but advised she keep well away!

Something Moved!
OTL came along and with a quick flick of a rock he shoved his hand in and brought out a crab!

Now this thing is strange, you know, it runs side ways!

Holly said nothing runs sideways, it's just that it has it's eating bits on it's side!

OTL said that it did in fact run sideways if it was in a hurry but under water it could walk in any direction but preferred sideways!

OK, Who Did That?
The crab wasn't very happy about being lifted from under it's rock, so OTL put it back and lowered the rock down again.

Snowflake said she would choose another rock to wee from in future!

Getting back to the car, we came across a couple of woofer on leads. That got Holly going, she started to woof and wind them up and the Two Legs with them was being pulled all over the place!

Naughty Holly!

Go on then, you sort them out!
Back home OTL took some time to hide in the office until his hay fever slowed down a bit before he headed for the garden to do some more clearing up!

He never got close to the garden though, he could only open the kitchen door for us to go out, but then sneezed, turned around and went back to the office!

Now we know that this is the Summer Solstice today and that means there is more daylight today than any other day this year, add to that OTL's hay fever and you can bet it is going to seem twice as long!

He did manage to get a picture of the painted shed, between sneezes!

A Bit Darker Maybe?
By the way, the 'Reserved' sign is in a trough that at the moment has no flowers in it and The Missus wants the yellow flowers to throw their seeds into it for next year and she will move the trough to another part of the garden.

Lazy or wot?

Come lunchtime OTL took us down the Sea Wall and on the way, stopped in at the Co-op and got some new anti hay fever pills, so we will wait to see what happeneds tomorrow morning!

Today he remembered the Yellow Filter 'cos he reckons that Black & White doesn't affect his hay fever so much!

A View Towards Essex.
There were loads of TL's down there and of course, everyone wanted to give us a stroke but as Holly says.................

No Food...........................No Strokes!

They just never learn!

We got back home and watched the recording of the F1 race. Poor Hamilton, his bottom lip comes out when he doesn't get first place!

Never mind, he can try again in a couple of weeks at the Silverstone Circuit!

Now, we have heard that Bob (Auntie Chris's Husband) has been having some problems that means he has to go to the TL' vet.

I bet they give him some worming tablets and an injection, well they do that to us every time we have to go!

Keep yer Tail up lad, watch where they stick the thermometer and keep smiling!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles