Thursday, 14 June 2012

We get some Flotsam & Jetsam.

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again on a super sunny day!

We were out good and early with Old Two Legs 'cos he has a long list of stuff to do today.

We were running along The Sea Wall and spotted a strange looking thing on the shore.

'Ere! Wot's This?
So OTL walked down and picked it up to show us. He said it was a thing they hung on the sides of boats so that if anyone fell into the water, they could hang onto these things until rescue arrived. Holly said it was no good for us puppy's 'cos we couldn't get our teeth around the ring!

I said we could hang onto the rope instead and OTL said that was a good idea and we should remember that if ever we fell into the sea!

Holly said we should take it home and put it beside the new pond 'cos that was deep and we would need help if we ever fell in!

We decided that we were more at home on dry land, especially in amongst the grass!

This is a safe place to be Sis!
 You can't beat the feel of solid earth under your paws!

Ya! We Love Life! and Chews and Chicken and Running and Sniffs and OTL and TM and.........
A bit further on we ran into Barney who was having a 'Mad Moment' running flat out along the path. He stopped to say 'Helloooooo!' and 'Look My Back Legs Have Shrunk!' then was off in a flash!

My Legs Have Shrunk!
Back home OTL spread the sheet of Butyl out over the pond and began to fill the pond with water. It took ages to fill but in the end it was up near the top. It certainly looks impressive!

Holly was not too sure on the positioning of the 'Life Belt Rubber Ringy Thingy' She said it should be hanging on the kitchen door with a long rope attached!

....and just How Do I Throw That?
OTL started to place some rocks around the edges and was carefully washing off the bits of mud that had attached itself to the rock when The Missus came out and asked what are you doing? OTL said he was washing the mud off but TM had thought it was some 'technical pond making thing' that he was doing!

Really, she has no idea! Back to card making for her and no more sherry for her this afternoon!

OTL spotted a snail on an ear of wheat in our garden and couldn't resist a photo!

Snail on an Ear of Corn!

We went out with OTL & TM to have a look at getting some pebble sized rocks to go around the pond. OTL asked the lady how much they cost and she said it was £3 for a basket the size of a shoe box!

OTL turned a funny colour and had to sit down!

Back home he was messing about robbing the rockery of suitable rocks and washing the mud off when a Damsel Fly landed on one of the rocks in the pond!

Trouble was, OTL had just emptied the bucket of water onto the rock to wash off the earth that was sticking to it.

We never found the Damsel Fly so we reckon it flew off to warn his mates about some Water Throwing Dodgy Geezer in our garden!

We found another of those 'Life Belt Rubber Ringy Thingys' on the beach and hung it up in the garden on the tree, now we can fall in the pond from both ends and be rescued. Providing we don't get knocked out when the 'Life Belt Rubber Ringy Thingy' is thrown at us!

OTL said we should call them names, Flotsam & Jetsam he reckons 'cos they came from the sea!

Holly said we should put some fish in the pond then they could save us if we fell in!

Will there be enough room for Fish?
Enough for today, early night and a watch by the window for more Damsel Fly visitors!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly