Sunday, 4 August 2019

Silly Sunday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here!

It's been fun today, full of silly things. I mean, there we were up at the crack of dawn, mainly 'cos Holly decided that she loved Old Two Legs and needed to give him a good licking behind the ear!

As she woke me up i decided that giving OTL a lick was a good idea, so i jumped up, sat on his pillow and proceeded to lick his bald spot on his head!

That woke him up, so, off we went for an early morning run!

OK, the sun had got up but with a bit of fiddly diddly it looks OK!
We met up with a few of the woofers, seems everyone was up early today!

Just as we were about to drive off home a car pulled into the car park, a new car we hadn't seen before, so, being interested in everything, we stopped and watched.

Then from out of the passenger seat a little Jack Russell appeared.

I say little but bear in mind this new woofer was just ten weeks old!

As OTL says.......'I got Ferrets bigger than him'!
We will keep our eyes open for him in the future!

Back home we were scanning through the photos The Missus took of the ladies up at the village hall who were all doing their Glue & Glitter Slapping exercises and we found this one which looked very silly!

Look how many cards we can stick on our fingers!
I bet that they will all be using rubber gloves next!

OTL came across some new flowers today, well, they could be wild flowers or weeds but they looked so pretty that we decided to put them up on the blog.

Pretty eh?
It was all of a rush as well, F1 Racing at 13:30hr and there we were all sitting on the sofa ready to cheer Hamilton onto first place!

Well, it was an exciting race and Hamilton overtook almost at the last moment!

Lunchtime we took Eric de Ferret with us for a walk and being Sunday there were loads of people and woofers down on the sea front. Eric was showing off to all of them every time they stopped with the question....'Ooooo is that a ferret?'

On the way back we had to stop at the Co-Op for a Lactose Free Milk for the ferrets and OTL left Eric in his harness and attached to the ferret bag hanging over the seat. Eric, somehow, managed to get free from the harness and was scurrying around on the floor!

So, OTL put him back in the harness and headed for home, with the air conditioning on, blowing onto his lap.

It wasn't long before Eric crept onto OTL's lap and fell asleep in the cool air!

That ferret is as crafty as they come!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!