Thursday, 7 March 2013

Misty Again and then it is Rainy!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again, and it's only Thursday!

What happened to the sunshine? One moment it was all sunshine and Spring and the next it's woolly hats and rain coats!

Something is wrong with Old Two Legs, he seems to be getting up earlier each morning. You know, it was six thirty when he fell out of bed, normally he doesn't get up until seven. I think he needs some more worming tablets, Holly thinks it's old age and Snowflake reckons he needs a lick of the Ferretone bottle!

OTL says it the noise made by the 'Super Star Card Making Guru' who gets up at Three in the morning with 'Inspiration'  and commences to pound the stamps on the work table to get the inspiration on paper before she forgets it!

OTL has been talking about digging another hole for a pond but we think he is has other plans on what to fill it with!

We were down The Sea Wall this morning and it was even more mistier than yesterday and Holly says that if it gets any more mistier, then it could be classed as fog!

Which way to the Land?
 We met up with Max and Oscar who were out for their early morning stroll. Oscar made a fuss of OTL, as he does, and Max commented on how trim Holly was looking.

Well, that tickled Holly and she just rolled her eyes, waved her tail saying, 'Really?'

Yes, I do a little working out, but just for fun!
 Gawd, I thought, just how much of a Tart can she be!
OTL was busy all morning and lunch time was a quick run around the path 'cos it had started to rain!

Then rather than go home, we ended up visiting some customers to deliver stuff.

Now, don't get me wrong but I do like spending time with OTL driving all over the place and visiting the countryside but today, it was boring!

Like, Very BORING!

We got back home at half past five and boy were we glad to be back!

So, not a lot today 'cos OTL took us out on a BORING drive!

It had better be more interesting tomorrow or we will have a word with Snowflake and she will give him another nip!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly (BORED) & Snowflake (Cuddly)