Saturday, 8 September 2012

OTL's Been Working Again!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again on a Super Sunny Saturday!

We were up early this morning, well, I wanted a wee and it was light, just!

I jumped up onto Old Two Legs bed and gave him a couple of licks on his ear, then jumped down.

He got up after a moment or two, then bounced off the walls as he staggered down stairs to let me out into the garden. Holly thought that it was a good idea as well, so she came down as well.

Normally OTL would have waited at the door until we had finished but he just left the door open and went back up to bed!

That was OK by us, we had time to have a sniff and not feel hurried!

All today OTL has been in the garden again, digging up weeds from the path and spreading some concrete between all the paving bits where he dug the weeds up from.

Well, I must say that it don't look too bad at the moment. Seeing how this is his first attempt at doing this, it looks OK.

Cracks filled.
 We do like the different colours the pebbles show, depending on the weather, if it's wet, then they are black but if it's hot and sunny they look blue!
Tomorrow he has to dig the weeds out from the dais and spread a bit more concrete around in the cracks and also finish the path off!

The Weedy Dais!
Once that is done then it is the back half of the garden to do.

Now don't call us picky, but we had a word with him about somewhere we can have a wee, I mean, he is planning to put tons of pebbles all over the place to stop the weeds and grass growing  which is OK but you see, we don't like weeing on pebbles!

OTL says if we promise not to dig it up, he will try putting some tree bark down for us.

It will be interesting that tree bark, if we closed our eyes we could pretend we were weeing in the forest!

One thing we have noticed, there seems to be a stream of wasps coming down to drink at the same spot at the side of the pond. The same place, same pebbles and the same gap as well!

Thirsty Wasp!
Now, here's a question for all you 'Planty People' out there. OTL got some plants from the aquatic centre to fill up the 'Boggy Bit' he incorporated into the design of the pond. He just grabbed some reedy looking plants and a stringy looking plant with a single yellow flower!

That has been growing very well and has produced loads of small flowers.

However, growing out of the same pot is another plant with bigger flowers and OTL says it looks like an Orchid flower he has seen but it can't be an orchid 'cos it's growing in a boggy bit!

Wot is it?

I think it will be an early night tonight, all this gardening stuff has given him an aching back!

We think it will be a good thing when he finally finishes it!

See you tomorrow, watch out for the F1 racing Lewis and Jenson at the front, fingers crossed for good start!

We're off for a pre dinner snooze now, then we mug OTL for a bit of his curry!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly