Saturday, 12 March 2016

Eye Eye!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy (Gissa Cuddle) de Ferret here!

Well, today has been exciting and Boring and Great, all at the same time!

Let me explain.

This morning we were kicked out of bed good and early by The Missus who spent the early hours crashing about getting her stuff ready for the 'Master Class' today in the village hall.

All that noise kept waking us all up so in the end Old Two Legs was up and cleaning the ferrets cage before they had even woken up!

Our morning walk was just for Holly and I 'cos we had to be back by seven to take TM up the hall. Then it was back home to finish the cage cleaning and replenishing the food bowls!

Auntie Jane arrived at eight thirty to take OTL off to the hospital to have his eyeball done, the left one on account they did the right one before!

There was loads of paperwork to complete an it wasn't until two thirty that OTL was allowed to go home!

Our lunchtime walk was good, I had a roll in something really smelly and TM was not a Happy Puppy 'cos it made her late getting back to the Master Class!

Holly and I were both left on our own until OTL came back and when he did, we gave him a big welcome and he even got a cuddle from us both as he tried to have a snooze in his armchair!

Now he has told us he has a problem. His right eye was done and his glasses make the world look fuzzy and now that his left eye is done, he has fuzzy vision with the glasses on, in both eyes!

So, take off the glasses and at the moment, he has vision in his right eye but it only comes into focus when things are an arm length away, and closer or further away, it all goes fuzzy again!

So, tomorrow when he gets to take off the protective eye patch, both eyes will focus on his finger tips and everything else will be fuzzy.

Which means he can't wear his glasses, so the world all fuzzy, including the computer screen where he helps prepare the photos. So, until he works out some way of processing the photos without seeing if everything is in focus, we are stuffed!

I suppose that means we will have to paint a picture with words!

Well, after OTL left for the hospital this morning, it was BORING, even the ferrets went back to sleep!

As it was so BORING, Holly and I went back to sleep until TM came back.

After our walk and wash to get the smelly off me, it was BORING until OTL came home!

OTL discovered the new Travelling Cage for the ferrets which looks dead smart. Holly and I are just a bit too big to go inside, so we decided the cage was BORING!

Tomorrow should be a lot more fun and hopefully, not a BORING as today!

I reckon that picture is a bit BORING!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.