Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It's The Middle of The Week, Already!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

Today has been one of those 'Lovely' days when nothing much happens and yet there seems to be a lot going on, if you know what I mean!

We found out yesterday evening that we liked Venison dipped in eggy yoke!

I'm not a big lover of venison but when it is dipped into the yellow yoke, it tastes wonderful! We even had The Missus dipping bits in the yoke for us!

Do we know how to train them or wot!

This morning we got up and listen as hard as we could, we couldn't hear any rain pouring down the windows, so that's a good sign. A few dry days ahead?

When we got down on The Sea Wall we saw some blue sky for a change!

OTL spotted three Marsh Harriers over the bit of marsh land that doubles as a sand pit.

Three Marsh Harriers!
That put him in a good mood!

We just headed off for the Rabbit Hunting Ground where we found that the Marsh Harriers had scared off all the rabbits and left us with nothing but the sniff!

Nothin' but the sniff!
As we got onto the path we spotted a Wormy Man who was leaving it a bit late 'cos we saw the tide chasing him back into the shore!

Run! Wormy Man, Run!

We even spotted a Curlew and a Black Headed Gull who were leaving it late as well, but when the water got too close they just flew off!

I'm a Curlew, not an Ousalum Bird!
We got around the corner and what did we see?

It's the Wormy Man!

Yes Girls, I beat the Tide again!

He had made it back but had eaten all his sandwiches, Holly spotted that straight away and decided there were sniffs that deserved her attention rather than a sandwich-less Wormy Man!

Is that Another Ousalum Bird I see before me?
We spotted them again and I asked about the Ousalum Bird, so Holly recited the poem for me. Well it wasn't a poem, more like a Limerick, any way, it goes like this!

The Ousalum Bird is a pretty bird
See it hop from bough to bough
It makes it's nest in a Rhubarb Tree
And whistles like a cow!

We all had a good laugh about that but the bird watchers didn't turn around, they must have seen something very important!

Another Ousalum Bird?

Lunch time was just great, we started of sniffin' for rabbits then I decided we should go and hunt Marsh Harriers, in the sand pits!

There's a Rabbit here, I'm Sure of it!
So off we went and got half way down the muddy path before OTL decided we should have a walk on the beach instead, cleaner he said!

Me? Grubby?
We weren't muddy or dirty, much!

So, to make up for being called back, Holly and I had a dig in the sandy bit of the beach, before OTL chased us off, still talking about sand in the car!

Sharing a Hole With Sis!
Holly said that she wasn't really grubby, just a little dusty around the edges!

A Little Dusty around the Edges!

Yeah! Right!

I did suggest we might go for a swim or 'Deep Paddle' to wash off the mud but she said she had got 'Attached' to her mud and was going to hang onto it for now!

You can dream if you want to, this puppy's not for paddling!
Not sure what we have got tonight, sorry, what OTL has got tonight but it's got to be better than the 'Doggy Scoff' we got served with today!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly