Sunday, 2 February 2014

No Videos Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles here again!

You know, we reckon that we have just two more names we can add to the list before it spills over into two lines!

It has been a Sunny Sunday down here in North Kent. Old Two Legs got his paddle around the office this morning on his rowing machine. We have been checking on the settings and he is now at the maximum drag and is averaging fifteen hundred strokes in a thirty minute paddle!

Oooh! He is so fit!

Fit for what we aren't too sure but he does try!

This morning Miss Twinkle had her very own bowl of Lactose Free Milk! Yesterday she managed to rob a few slurps off Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake but today it was a bowl full for her!

A Slurping Trio!
Down on the beach it was all sunshine and a little wind, just to keep the temperature down! Miss Snowflake took a little while to get going but a couple of cuddles from Mr Brambles got her moving and soon she was chasing after OTL asking to be picked up!

Come on Girl, get your tail in gear!
 Mr Brambles was well into hole digging again and this time it sort of grew into a deep trench!

Brambles Earth Moving and Trenching Company!
While all this digging was going on Holly and I set off to investigate a particularly strange sniff on the beach. It was coming from something that had been washed up on the tide but we couldn't work out what it was or had been!

Holly did suggest that we may sneak a quick roll but when we looked around, there was OTL, watching us while the ferrets dug holes around his feet!

What do you reckon, worth a roll?
 There was a load of noise when the Oyster Catchers landed for a feed. Mr Brambles asked it they tasted of chicken and Holly said that every bird tastes of chicken!

Oyster Catching Chickens?
Back home things were looking up, Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake were cuddled up in their Ssssh Sleeping bag when Miss Twinkle stuck her head over the side and nipped Mr Brambles!

OTL told Miss Twinkle off and she backed off and went for a wander around Snowy Heights!

She is certainly testing the boundaries with the other two and Miss Snowflake looks like she is getting the worse of it.  When she gets too worried she climbs up to the hammock and rattles the cage so that OTL opens the door and she climbs into his hands and arm for a cuddle, just to make it all better. It would be a shame if Miss Twinkle got too bossy and OTL had to make a decision on her continued residence in Snowy Towers! Mind you, OTL has come up with another explanation, Miss Twinkle has yet to learn her manners! You see, she likes to snooze in the 'Ssssh Bag' and it maybe that she was trying to get the other two out so she could climb in for a snooze?

Typical teenager, no manners and they think the world is theirs!

A bit later, we were all having a snooze and when OTL looked into Snowy Heights and he saw.......

Getting Better!
So, maybe there is hope, but it has only been five days since Miss Twinkle arrived and three days since they were put together, so we have some time before the question comes up!

Down on the Sea Wall at lunch time, the sun was still shining and as it is Sunday, all the Two Legs were out for a stroll, or in this case, a sit down!

Sunday on The Beach!
No sign of any food, so Holly and I didn't even stop!

A bit further on we came across Lucy and we have met her before and she is a right 'Grumble Guts' growling at us for no reason at all! When her owner tried to give us a nibble, Lucy nearly bit our heads off! She was going potty! In the end she refused to look at us and just stood there grumbling!

Grumble Guts Lucy!
We didn't hang around, well, if we weren't going to get a nibble or a sniff, then it was a waste of time hanging around!

Just around the corner we met up with Jack & Joe, a couple we hadn't seen before. We all had a sniff and Holly asked if the felt silly in those jackets on a sunny day like today!

Silly? They said they felt terribly embarrassed and almost ashamed to show their tails!

This is So Embarrassing!
It was very difficult not to laugh, so we trotted on trying to suppress our giggling!

Back home, the ferrets were still asleep, so it was all quiet in Snowy Heights!

It was good to read that Archie has finally got his boiler installed, now he can go back to snoozing on the blanket instead of having to cuddle up and share it with everyone!

We're off to watch a DVD now and then afterwards, OTL will have a game with the ferrets, just before they go to bed for the night.

It's a hard life being a Four Legs in this house you know!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles.