Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OTL's been Working Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been another one of those 'Mix Up' days. Poor Old Two Legs has been out working today, he has been fiddling about with a radio system and programming radios so that they all 'Talk to Each Other', Holly says you can just imagine a load of radios on the bench having a chat while they wait to have a new program installed!

We got out run down on the beach this morning but at lunch time we had to go out with The Missus over the fields to 'Do our Stuff!'

It was funny this morning 'cos the ferrets were in a funny mood! I think that they can tell that Spring is well on it's way and they are looking forward to a lot of fun and games!

It started off with Miss Snowflake chasing OTL along the beach, no matter which way he went, she would scamper after him chuckling all the way!

I'm coming for you!
When she got to OTL she would jump up onto his lap and bury her nose into his beard, just under his chin and still chuckling she would stretch up further and lick the end of his nose!

Holly and  just thought they were in a funny mood and left them to get on with it. That was until they came running up behind us and dived in between our back legs!

Well, we didn't need any more warnings! We were off before they could catch us again!

Us being all trusting and not looking where the ferrets were!
The ferrets had a race along side of the Sea Wall and Mr Brambles was in front, as usual when a sea gull called out and Mr B made an 'Emergency Stop' 'cos he thought it maybe a hawk coming down to eat him up!

Miss Snowflake didn't notice him stop 'cos she had her head down and was running as fast as her legs could carry her over all those shells.

Well, it was so funny, Mr Brambles all 'Stop and Look Around', Miss Snowflake all 'Full Steam Ahead'

Oi! Watch The Tail!
Miss Snowflake said that his 'Brake Lights' weren't working and he said she should get her brakes checked!

Of course, they tried to catch us up and nip our legs but we were just too quick for them, even when they tried to do a 'Sneaky' as they came up the steps!

OK, Ready to rush them?
Back home they were doing their 'War Dance' while OTL was clearing out their Poo Pots and of course, charging about all over the office floor!

OTL had them running about between his ankles and chasing the squeaky balls and Mr B even had a go at the Cat Tease!

Then we spotted him trying to kick about the big stone OTL had rescued from the front garden. That is a good sign 'cos he has ignored it for the last few days and OTL was considering taking it back to the garden!

Now, TM has been watching a TV program that had a bit about dog food and how the wet stuff (Doggy Scoff) was about 80% water and not doing us doggy's a lot of good.

Now she has found some dog food that is high in protein, 81% with a little grain and oats (not good really but it bulks it up) and a few additives like vitamins and stuff that is good for doggy's.

The only problem is, 'It Tasted Like Rubbish!'

So she said we have got to get used to it and put up with this stuff for today!

Gawd, we are starving little puppies, fading away, going dizzy with hunger, we may not last the night never mind the day!

If we are still here in the morning we may get some 'Real Food' chicken or lamb, claws crossed!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.