Monday, 9 February 2015

Brambles is getting a taste for Doggy Biscuits!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You know, life can get so exciting here in North Kent! Take today for example. It started when we got down to The Beach.

First of all Mr Brambles fell into the rock pool and got his paws and tail all wet!

He looked all bedraggled and so sad that Snowflake gave him a cuddle and even Old Two Legs picked him up to dry off his paws!

I really do need a cuddle!
 While the ferrets were messing about in the rock pools, Holly and I were playing 'Bookends'.

This is a game where we both sit very still, looking at each other and the first one to move looses!

Sometimes I fall asleep playing this game!
We were heading back along the top path when the Big Bozo Doodle Dog was spotted further down the path. He is a Very Big Woofer who is just six months old, full of bounce and absolutely no manners!

The Two Legs who was with him couldn't control him and he bounded off down the path towards us!

I Legged it onto the lower path leaving Holly, the Ferrets and OTL to sort it all out!

The speed of the Bozo''s approach meant that OTL didn't have time to pick up the ferrets so he decided to 'Sort The Bozo Out'!

As Bozo arrived OTL grabbed him by the harness and held him next to OTL's leg, the ferrets came closer to see what it was and the Bozo shoved his nose down and into Miss Snowflakes face.

Not the most sensible thing to do!

Miss Snowflake did what any ferret would do when confronted by a 'Big Bounding Bozo'

She gave him a nip on his nose!

The Bozo jumped back three feet and stood there wondering what had happened!

By then the owner had arrived on the scene and grabbed the lead and harness and wrestled the Bozo away!

That sorted him out!

I was still down on the lower path, I'm not stupid!

Back home there was Lambs Heart ready and waiting for us but Holly and I decided to leave it for a while and have a snooze first.

That was our mistake!

While Holly and I enjoyed a snooze, OTL cleaned out the ferrets quarters and the ferrets went 'On The Rampage'!

Both ferrets headed down stairs and chased around for a while, until OTL came hunting for them.

Yes, you have guessed, they were in the kitchen pinching our biscuits!

I was only looking, Honest!
Mr Brambles was tucking in and having a great time chomping away and he said that the biscuits were so tasty that he was thinking about becoming a Dog!

I could easily convert to Dog!
I think he may have trouble being a dog 'cos he doesn't like the doggy sniffs we do!

OTL sorted both ferrets out and soon they were back in their house and in no time were fast asleep!

Lunchtime we headed off to the beach again and had a great time. First we had to find a suitable bit of beach.

Fancy a dig here?
Once we had selected a bit of beach it was all go!

First I dug, then Holly dug and then we both had a dig all in the same hole!

Shove over Sis!
It was warm and sunny, in fact it was almost like Spring, blue skies and warm balmy breezes!

Just like Spring!
Back home again for a bit of lunch and then a snooze, well what else are we going to do, work?

OTL was busy 'manufacturing' which we will be delivering tomorrow and with a bit of luck, we'll have a run in a new place!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

P.S. Hello to Sandy over the other side of the pond, lovely to know we reach North Carolina!