Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cold Innit!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

It has been a bit cold here today, first thing this morning we were unsure if we needed our coats but at the last minute the sun came out so we risked it!

It still was cold and the only way to keep warm was to have a game of 'Chase' and fight over a bit of tree someone had left on the beach!

It's Mine!

That was a good bit of fun and then Holly decoded to have a sniff on the beach. Old Two Legs is worried when Holly does this 'cos there was a time when she had a sniff and got something on her snout and cost OTL a load of money at the vets, just for the medicine!

So, with OTL shouting 'NO' as loud as he can, I woofed a couple of times and then gave her a good telling off when she climbed the steps off the beach!

You heard OTL.......NO!
 Lunch time we met up with Poppy and Billy, Billy was more interested in his ball, which I can understand, but Poppy fell in love with OTL and wouldn't leave him alone, even when I woofed at her!

Don't touch my Ball!
We didn't stay long 'cos it was still a bit cold, so off we went to the car. On the way we passed a big bush that had some flowers on it, OTL thinks it is Broom, now first the Daffodils and now Broom flowering and it's not even February!

Broom Broom!

If it carries on this way I can see the leaves turning brown and falling off the trees around the end of March!

Strange thing the Global Warming!

Tomorrow we are off the see the Boys and some of the family, it's a sort of get together for all the Two Legs!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly