Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Grey Old Monday

Hi Fans!

It's Daisy & Holly back again.

Today has been lacking in sun! I thought we would get a bit of sunshine on our backs today but instead we got a sharp wind with a bit of a bite to it!

We went out with The Missus this morning down to the sea front and the wind just whistled down the estuary, so we didn't stay too long there! Later we went with Old Two Legs to do some errands and then off to The Farm. Loads of new smells but again, windy and with a bit of rain as well.

We inspected the new crop and noticed it seemed to be more advanced than at home, maybe because of the cold wind that blows across our fields!

Checking on the new crop
 We got back in time for a late lunch, of dog food! It was horrible, it came out of a tin can and we just could not work out what it was. Holly did suggest a few things it could have been, all of them rude!

It seems that TM is on strike today, we've not seen a chicken thawing out, nor have we seen the
Lamb Mince Bag being taken out of the freezer.

I'm sure we have done nothing terrible to deserve this, a small woof in the middle of the night maybe, but nothing that warrants Dog Food!

I did eat some, but only 'cos I was faint with hunger, Holly had a mouth full, but couldn't get up any enthusiasm, which is most unusual for 'Ole Porky Puppy'!

We spent the afternoon flat out in our day bed, almost passing out with hunger. It was only OTL's cookies that saved us, a small  bit broken off the edge managed to get us through to dinner time.

Dinner arrived, MORE DOGGY FOOD!!!!

This is getting just too much, it was Tripe and Beef and a little grated carrot on the top.

That's it, no more ear licking for TM, no more Guard Dog Duty, no more cuddles, let's see how long she can do without us!

See you tomorrow, if we last the night!