Tuesday, 17 July 2012

We spot a Bug Eater!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

We had a busy night last night, there were burglars to chase away, pesky cats to scare off and something strange to woof off out of the back garden!

It was such a busy night that The Missus over slept and didn't get up until late and one of us got caught short and had a wee on the carpet!

Something we haven't done for years!

No names, no Pack Drill!

Out with Old Two Legs first thing, we came across a Dragonfly, OTL thinks it is a male Southern Hawker, it was just sitting there enjoying the sunshine!

Just Resting!
Then OTL had a closer look at him and found out that it was chomping away on a bug it had caught!

Dragonfly Breakfast!
Not the sort of breakfast we had planned!

Then, out on the mud, we spotted a Curlew enjoying the sunshine and looking for his breakfast.

Curlew in Silhouette.
 As the sun was behind it, the bird was in silhouette, so, this one is for Trevor 'cos he likes silhouettes and reflections.

So this is a Curlew, reflecting on his breakfast, in silhouette!

We got back and TM had cooked some lambs hearts and liver for us, super super scoff!

The morning was spent snoozing away with very full tum-tums!

Our lunch time run was along The Sea Wall again but this time we didn't see any insects getting eaten!

Instead we saw some fishermen trying to teach worms to swim and a family out for a fishing trip!

Wonder if they got any sandwiches?
There was a boat charging around the Medway, all dark grey and 'Official' looking. OTL said it was the Boarder Agency again doing their 'Customs Thing'.

Still, it looked impressive to us! We think it is called 'The Vigilant', well, that's what it had on the back!

HMS Vigilant
When we got back OTL was on his knees collecting some rose petals that had fallen into the pond when he suddenly stopped, jumped up, ran back indoors and collected his camera!

Out he went and started taking pictures of an insect that was tearing around all over the pond.

Seems like this is out first Water Boatman or Pond Skater!

Pond Skater!
So, our wildlife is growing! We have now got a Butt Breathing Beetle, Mosquito Larvae and now an insect that runs on water!

OTL expects to see a Damsel fly next then with some luck, a Dragonfly!

We haven't included the birds that come down for a drink and a bath nor Holly and me who like to have a drink from the pond!

OTL had a panic phone call from one of his customers, so that meant we got a third walk today!

We ended up at the Riverside Park where we met up with a young Schnauzer who was out walking with her mother, we said 'Hello' and exchanged some info on sniffs along the path.

Sniffs, yes please!
Back home we got tucked into another bowl of lambs heart, well, half a heart each, but it did taste good!

Now we are going to have cuddle with OTL 'cos he gets his shortbread out after eight in the evening, something about the sun and yards of arm or something like that!

Bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly