Monday, 15 June 2015

Where has the Sun gone?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Wot a day! We almost didn't want to get out of bed this morning. The clouds were all over the place and we didn't see the sun anywhere! It took two visits by Old Two Legs into the ferrets room to even get them to open their eyes! And after that they still went back to sleep while OTL had his shower!

Mind you, they were wide awake when he returned with their Ferret Milk and his Rabbit Food!

Holly and I enjoyed the wide open space on the bed after OTL and The Missus had vacated it!

The ferrets were still snoozy when we got to the car park and were huddled up in their ferret bag trying to go back to sleep.

They missed out on some fun!

As Holly and I rounded the bushy corner, there, in front of us, facing away from us, sat the fattest rabbit we had seen for some time. That was it, both of us took off like a 'Double Barrelled Shotgun' turning sharp right into the long grass!

That was when we lost sight of the rabbit, but we still were rushing about trying to flush it out again.

OTL had stopped and got the ferrets out to watch the fun and have a wee as well.

It was then that we heard OTL and the ferrets giving us the secret 'Rabbit Spotted Call' and they were all pointing up the path!

Rabbit doing a 'Sneaky'!
At first we weren't sure which way the rabbit was running, left, right or straight on!

Neither was the rabbit!

Rabbit doing a 'Quick Divert'!
We were still crashing about in the grass until I spot a white tail on the path and then it was 'Off Again'!

Did he turn left or right?
Well, in the end he disappeared into the bushes and we lost him. We had a good hunt around but there was no sign of our 'Bunny'!

Down on The Beach, both ferrets were making fun of us, first of all they kept shouting out that they had spotted more rabbits hiding under the sea weed!

Oooo! Look! More Rabbits!
Holly and I did our best to ignore the pair of them, I mean, what do they know about chasing rabbits!

It didn't help when Brambles came up behind me and asked if I like 'Rabbit Stew'!

Rabbit Stew Tonight Then?
 I wasn't in a good mood so I told him to Woof Off before I stewed him in milk and served him to the birds!

It still didn't stop them from calling out for Bunnies to chase!

We all had a snooze after some rather tasteless Doggy Scoff and at lunchtime we reminded OTL he had his duties to do, WALKIES!

The only trouble was, TM had pinched the car!

Not to worry, we still had the Big Car, so off we went in style down to The Beach again and belive it of not but the sun came out and so did the wind!

When we got down there the Tide was right in and I was hoping for a swim but looking at the size of the waves, I decided to pass today!

A High Tide!
There were places where it was splashing over the top of The Sea Wall and making everything all wet!

Stand by for a Splash!
 We met up with a couple of woofers who we know. One had this super trick she does.

By standing at an angle to the wind, she can get her ear to stand up!

Look Semaphore!

Now, we had never heard of Semaphore until OTL explained it to us!

Yes, very clever, we'll flag that up for next time!

Then there was the young Staffy who said she was learning how to blend into the background and become 'Invisible' just so she could chase rabbits!

Yeah, Like, I can't see anyone laying on the ground waiting to spring into action!

Holly and I can do better than that but decided to keep our secrets to ourselves today!

Back home again to a snooze before dinner. We know OTL has Gammon tonight so Holly and I are both licking our lips in anticipation!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!