Friday, 10 October 2014

Getting accustomed to be back

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, last night we all had a good nights sleep, I mean, I didn't wake up at all and Holly was snoring her tail off for most of the night! The Missus was doing the same while Old Two Legs was on another planet, like, away with the Fairies!

We all over slept a bit, and that includes the ferrets as well. When OTL went in to say 'Good Morning' as he does, they were both still snuggled up in their sleeping bag with their eyes shut tight!

It was bright when we went out for our walk and Mr Brambles wanted to get out of the ferret bag as soon as we had got to the grassy path. Miss Snowflake followed him down but then decided that it was warmer in OTL's arms, so up she went again and snuggled down into OTL's arm where she later did a wee! She said that she was so comfortable that the thought of getting down for a wee would have spoilt the cuddle!

OTL was not happy with her doing that but did notice that it was a 'Small Wee!'

OTL got crafty and when we got to the beach, he got her out of the bag and put her near the muddy bit!

She was not happy!

This is YUK!
We spotted that there were two Wormy Men out on the mud digging for worms, it's good to see some things are still the same!

The Wormy Men Commeth!
Mr Brambles was having fun zooming up and down the 'Wall of Death' and calling out Zoom! Zoom! as he went past us!

That ferret really is potty sometimes!

Back home OTL was still working on the pile of paperwork but it looks like he is winning!

Lunchtime we were back down the Sea Wall again but OTL had a load of stuff to put into the car, so, he opens it up, tells us to get in while he puts the camera on the car roof so it is easier to pile the boxes into the back of the car. Having got all that sorted, off we go.

Now, our little village has narrow roads in it, so fast motoring is not the best idea and OTL is very careful as he drives along the roads. The road to the beach has a forty miles an hour limit with speed cameras all the way along it. OTL, not wishing to pay any fines, goes along at forty, spot on. When we get to the beach, us woofers are out the back door and off chasing the rabbits, OTL is in the back looking for his camera.

He can't find it!

He telephones home asking if he left the camera there, 'No' says TM, 'Oh Bother It' says OTL, or something that sounds like it!

Just then, one of the drivers who are sitting in their cars enjoying the sea view, comes over to OTL, 'Ere Mate' he says, 'You've left yer camera on the roof of your car'!

Who said it was better to be born lucky than rich?

OTL is a lucky lad!

Talking of being lucky, the tide was almost all in, so, quick as a flash, before OTL could say anything, I was in for a 'Deep Paddle'!

I haven't had one of these for ages!
 Holly of course stayed perfectly dry 'cos she 'Doesn't do Wet'! To prove it, she stood still long enough for OTL to take her picture!

Looking Good is my Speciality!
After that, we were back home and I am pleased to say that OTL has almost finished with the paperwork, just a couple of bits needs to read, like the Business Banking Terms and Conditions changes that the bank has sent through.

Thick book, small writing!

Tomorrow TM is off to her 'Master Class' so OTL and us are going to clear some space in the loft 'cos next week we have a new central heating system going to be installed and our old system needs to be removed.

We have elected to go up in the loft to help OTL get rid of the rubbish and take it to the dump, all before TM comes home and starts saying things like, 'I wanted that!' even though she hasn't used it in thirty years!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.