Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hi Woofers!

 Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here on the first day of the year!

 Wot a day we've had!

First of all we got up an hour later than normal because we were late getting to bed last night!

Down on The Sea Wall we met Barney No. 2 and we all called out 'Happy New Year' as we piled onto the beach!

Yo Barney, Happy New Year!
Miss Snowflake was a bit put out 'cos the sea was on it's way out and hadn't cleared the rocks properly! So, she climbed up onto the rock close to the water and took a look!

I don't like the look of this!
Holly and I came down to the rock and had fun calling  out .........

Go on, Jump!
Miss Snowflake was having none of it at all and did a wee then called Old Two Legs to rescue her from the rock!

Then she was off, heading for the car!

I'm not that stupid!
We got back and it wasn't long before the family of Son, Daughter, Grand Children and Great Grand Child arrived!

We had a great day pinching the Nibbles and Sausages and Chicken and Twigletts and Crisps and loads of  other stuff we found on the carpet after the Grand Children had been eating!

One of the Grand Children, Ethan, was very interested in OTL's camera and OTL let him play with the small camera and he took seven hundred and sixty six pictures!

Uncle Adam

Auntie Lisa Being Rude!
Daddy Being Silly!
Ethan Doing a Selfie!
My Favourite Toys!
Garden Shed!
Auntie Katie.
Kitchen Towel!
The Lights!
Sister Megan!
Mummy Being Rude!
Mummy Being Silly!
Kendo or OTL!
OTL's Feet!
Auntie Lisa being Scary!
TM cooking Tea Bread for the Master Class!
The TV Screen.
Cousin Thomas!
TM's Inks.
 Well, there are Loads and Loads more pictures but I don't think the blog is big enough for them all!

So, off we go and have a snooze after such a busy day!

Bye bye for now.

A Very Happy New Year to you all from Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!