Thursday, 6 September 2018

Hard Hats? Wot Hard Hats!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy,Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here!

Well, it has been a funny day today, well for us anyway!

When we went out this morning it was rather mild, no rain and the grass was dry as well!

No Soggy Bottoms!

Mind you, Eric did blag a lift in the bag all the way down to the Sea Wall!

......are we there yet?
Holly showed herself up again, while we were walking along the middle path, those two Hairy Arsed Husky Woofers came bounding along the top path to meet us just where the two paths meet.

I was off like a streak of light 'cos I don't do big woofers.

Not Miss Tartus Maximus Holly Chops!

She hangs about until they are almost on top of her, then she does a quick turn, runs around the Two Legs who was hanging onto the lead and shoots off towards Old Two Legs!

Can't catch me Bozo's!
That wasn't all, as she came down the path, there, waiting in the middle of the path was that Big Bozo Bert!

Holly was stuck and couldn't get past so, just as she skidded to a halt in front of Bert, he gently leans forward and plants a kiss on her nose!

Oi! I said, No Tongues!
That was it, off went Bert to say hello to OTL. That Bert had the biggest grin I have ever seen on a woofer and his tail was straight up like a ships mast!

Lunchtime Wendy and Monty came out with us and both blagged a lift in the bag all the way down to the sea shore. It was at that moment all my self control went up in smoke, I dashed down the beach, had a 'Deep Paddle' in the sea then rolled on my back on the sandy beach!

OTL was not happy about it but I didn't care!

You know, I could do this all the way back as well!
Both ferrets had fun sniffing all the way back to the car. Monty was getting all big and brave, he found several holes where the rabbits had started to dig a hole.

Monty took a deep breath and shouted down into the hole trying to scare a Nargle into making a run for it!

Oi! Nargle Chops, Where are you?

Now, Archie Babe, wot's all this 'Sore Paw' thing? We thought you were a Big Brave, Bold Doodle Dog. How on earth have you twisted your leg? You really must be more careful when you are chasing those Foxes!

Hey, hear is another thing. We had an email this morning from Rocky's mum asking us where our Hard Hats were! All just 'cos our new harnesses were a little 'Bright'!

Well, when I next go up in the loft, I'll have a look for OTL's hard hat and show you what a big bold woofer looks like with a hard hat!

Now, you know how tight OTL is? Well, today he had to take the big car in to have a new Fog Lamp Bulb put into the rear of the car. In goes OTL expecting a new bulb and a bill for about Ten Bob.

No chance!

In goes the car and out comes the Service Manager and says, 'Sorry, the bulb holder is corroded and we can't repair it, you will have to have a complete unit and that will cost £250.00!

Poor OTL, they had to get the First Aider to come out to OTL cos he had a panic attack! His wallet went into contractions!

OTL is not a Happy Puppy!

The weekend is almost here and the caravan has to be cleaned, the next door neighbours plants need to be cut back and the ferrets have to have their anti flea stuff on their necks!

Mind you, Holly and I have to have our anti tick stuff on Monday!

OK, we are off now, I can hear the pots and pans being rattled, so that means nibbles!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy,Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here!