Friday, 3 February 2012

No Snow Fairy Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We woke up this morning all excited, dashed to the window and looked out. It was still dark but we could see the tops of the cars and the street.

No Snow!

The Snow Fairy didn't come last night, we are not 'Happy Puppies'!

Mind you, the wind had dropped so it was not as cold as yesterday, so our walk along the Sea Wall was good fun 'cos the sniffs couldn't get away!

We couldn't make our mind up if the tide was coming in or going out but there were loads of wader type birds having breakfast on the shore.

Bird Breakfast!
There was one that Old Two Legs said was an Oyster Catcher, he looked right miserable, so we called out to see if he had found any Oysters yet!

He said he didn't eat oysters and he was not too happy 'cos his feet were cold!
I don't do Oysters!
Holly said he shouldn't keep paddling in the sea in his bare feet and should have put wellies on!

We met up with the Closet Seagull again. He said his feet weren't cold but he wished he had webbed feet so he can go walking in the mud. Holly said he should have a look on the Internet for a supplier of wellies in the shape of webbed feet!

I wish I could Wade!
All he said was .......What's the Internet?

That bird really aught to get a life!

We went down to the Forest this afternoon, great fun chasing squirrels. Holly would do the spotting and I did the chasing!

Hey Sis! There's one up here!
Holly is getting good at spotting but she is just not as fast as me!

OK, Who's Next!
We had loads of chasing but they all got away in the end!

Back home to some chicken and biscuits and of course, OTL to mug for some nibbles!

OTL says that the Snow Fairy may come tomorrow, claws crossed!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly