Saturday, 18 June 2011

A day for Ooo'ing!

Hello Fans,

It's us back again!

We've been at home with Old Two Legs today as The Missus went off to her crop in the village hall. She and her mates spend all day waving glue pots about and throwing glitter over everything, then, she comes home with a half finished card!

What a way to spend a Saturday!            All gas and glitter!

OTL and us had a good morning, we had fun chasing around the house, he was chasing Holly and me all over the place, around the garden and through the kitchen and up stairs. Holly and me can get through the steps in the stairs on the run but OTL has to go around, so, we beat him every time!

Lunch time we went out down to The New Park, a good run all around The Orchard and up to The Guardians then back to the Swimming Hole.

It was a long run and we had great fun, OTL took us along where the horses walk, so, there were loads of horse poo for us to sniff. OTL has got this thing about keeping us away from the horse poo, dunno why, it don't smell that bad and it's nice and soft to roll in!

We jumped onto a seat and OTL tried to take some pictures of us, but we kept on looking the other way. Poor OTL was getting all wound up trying to get us to look at him!

A quick look!

Scruffy Holly
 When we did look at him, we pulled faces and tried to look scruffy, which wasn't difficult for Holly!

My Best Side?
 We stopped at the Swimming Hole and had a drink. Just as we were doing that, a load of other doggies came down and we had a splash about, well Holly did, I just kept out of the way!

The 'In' place to be!
There was one show off who was swimming out to get her ball, but to start off she just had to do a big jump and belly flop, causing a Big Splash!

Show Off!

....and now a submarine!
OTL could see some rain clouds on the horizon, so we headed back to the car. On the way back we saw a little 'Sausage' dog. She was called Frankie, only six months old, Holly said that Frankie was short for Frankfurter, a sort of German sausage, and that's why they call them sausage dogs!

I said they called her Frankie 'cos it was a nice name and any way, she didn't sound German  when she woofed!

Frankie & Us!
On the way back to home, in the car, OTL was playing some Bob Dylan music. There was one song that had rhyming words like Gloom, Room and Soon. We liked this Ooo'ing, so we joined in the song, going Ooo, Ooo, Ooo all the way home! OTL thought it was great fun!

Maybe we will go out for an adventure tomorrow, now that will be fun!

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly