Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March and we get muddy!

Hello me ole mates!

Daisy and Holly back for another fun day, and it's March already.

Looks like our boycott of The Missus seems to have worked, we got chicken this morning for breakfast!

Lunch time we mugged Old Two Legs for a few doggy sausages and a bit of his toast, he's a push over really.

We went out for our midday walk and OTL took us along the Sea Defence Wall, there was loads of puddles, mud, smells and cow poo, it was great!

First of all we thought we found a monster in the grass, but it turned out to be a mouse looking for food.

It's a Monster Mouse!
So off we went running through the muddy puddles up and down the sea wall and that got even muddier!

Chase me if you can!
A little further on I found some seriously smelly stuff to roll in and it stuck to my back and got into my fur!

If you click on the picture you can see it!

Poohy Daisy
Holly found a feather on the ground so we chased around trying to take it off each other.

My Feather!
I was chasing Holly and managed to roll her in a decidedly muddy puddle, mud stuck to her bottom!

So, we had a splashing good time!

Splashing good time!
When we got onto the beach, we had a good chase up and down the sand, Holly got smothered in sand AND mud!

Kicking up sand!
Finally when we got back home, it was straight into the kitchen for a wash on the draining board, we smelt horrible, we were yucky, we were covered in sand, we were covered in black mud, we loved it!

A good wash and a dry plus some more chicken for dinner and we spent the evening snoozing before going to bed for a real sleep.

Yep! A wonderful day doing what a doggy does best, having fun!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly