Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Another New Year!

Hello Woofers!

A Happy New Year to you all from Daisy & Holly & Snowflake!

After last nights fun and games we didn't get to bed until two in the morning!

We all overslept, including Snowflake, who just complained about the loud music!

So the morning walk was a bit late by about two hours! But that was no problem and we were hunting a New Year Rabbit just for fun!

No New Year Rabbit today!
We did spot a super present for Snowflake, it would help Old Two Legs from getting Snowflakes fangs buried into his hand!

You can have this any time!
Jack even offered it to us 'Free of Charge' if we could get it off his face!

Charlie wanted to be let off the lead!
We also met up with Charlie who was being kept on his lead 'cos of the other doggies out walking and he showed off good and proper when he had to stay on the lead!

Lunch time walk was late as well but it was OK 'cos there were loads of people around and the tide was in, so, OTL had to throw the new ball very carefully 'cos it was a very High Tide!

He still threw it on the beach!
But it was no good, I still had to go onto the beach to get it!

In the end he put it in his pocket 'cos there were other dogs coming along that could have pinched it!

Better hide my ball!
Back home OTL let Snowflake have a run around while he was clearing up the shower and she seemed to enjoy the freedom. Then OTL shoved us out of the office and Snowflake had a good run around in there.

First of all she tried to get OTL to allow her into the bag of  Ferret Nuggets but as OTL says, 'She has enough in her bowl!'

Come on, let me at them!
While Snowflake was 'Ferreting Around' in the office, OTL picked up my Squeaky Toy that I use to make OTL jump. I normally step on it and make him jump and it's also good when I want to get him to do some thing!

So, OTL gave it to Snowflake to play with, first he squeezed it so the jet of air shot out and blew her whiskers and with that she ran forward and sunk her fangs into it, then she grabbed one of the ears and bit that as well.

OTL says that is the nearest he has ever seen her get to 'playing' 'cos so far all she has done is eat, poo and bite OTL!

It don't taste like Chicken!
After a good play around and investigating the office, she curled up in OTL's hand and went all 'sleepy'. So, OTL took the opportunity to remove five more small ticks from her ears and behind her head. Normally she won't let him near those parts and has even turned her head around, grabbed the Tick Removal Tool and spat it on the ground!

OTL was all tickled pink that she felt safe enough to have a snooze and tried to do a 'Self Portrait' of her in his hands.

So, with his left holding Snowflake he took this fuzzy picture, technically rubbish, but good for a record of how she is feeling safer with OTL!

Someone turn the light out I want a Snooze!
OTL decided to put her back in her cage, so gently he put her back into the carrying cage that serves as her bed and place to stash all her food.

As OTL let her go and started to pull his hand out, she whipped around and wrapped her fangs around his hand!

Well, she thought he was pinching her stash of Ferret Nuggets!

It was OK, no blood this time!

OTL has been called for dinner, Bambi Burgers and chips tonight, so we should be OK for some Eggy Burger 'cos we do like our burger dipped in egg yoke!

It's a Doggy Thing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake