Sunday, 25 May 2014

So where is the Lighthouse Daughter?

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles back again!

Boy have we had some fun today! We were out good and early this morning and it was such a rush to get out that Old Two Legs forgot to get his 'General Camera' from the caravan, so the only one in the car that was ready to use was the Infrared Thingy Wotssit Camera!

So, there we were, hunting Nargles, while OTL was trying to remember the controls and what he had to set them on to get a picture!

Then he set to photographing everything, including doing a 'Selfie', well, MacHolly did press the shutter for him while the camera was resting on a rock!

Not very pretty!
We don't think those glasses do anything for him but they do keep the wind from making his eyes water!

Me doing a 'Selfie'
We were looking for Nargles and Eagles when OTL spotted a Sea Eagle but it was too far away to photograph, but we did see the sun shine through his white tail, that's how we know it was a Sea Eagle!

Feeling all proud of ourselves we started to look for his mate but were stopped in our tracks, there, up in the sky, hovering like a big balloon was a UFO!

It's a Mull UFO in Infrared!
MacHolly said that we should all run away but OTL explained that the UFO was the diaphragm in the lens! MacHolly said she doesn't care what he called it, it still looks dangerous!

Back to the caravan to do our chores, well, OTL has to get the ferrets sorted and walked around the field before we can go out!

We stopped off in Tobermory to park the car and OTL tried a shot of the harbour in Infrared, well, it's different!

Infrared Harbour!
After we parked the car we set off for 'The Light House'!

In all the years OTL has never got out to the lighthouse. He nearly made it out one year but The Missus managed to spoil that trip by demanding that they had to go back!

OTL said he would tell us exactly what happened, later!

We finally arrived at the lighthouse and while OTL was messing about with the camera we sat and enjoyed the view of the yachts sailing by!

Sailing By.
Then we went right up to the lighthouse and had a good sniff around but we couldn't find any light house keepers!

Can we be the Lighthouse Daughters?
 Mind you, the housing looks OK but there are no roads to the Light House, so it's all by boat or a walk along the very muddy path!

The Cottages.
Now, on the way back we had to jump onto some plastic crates that have been put on the muddy bit of the path. Many, many years ago, OTL and TM were heading for the lighthouse when they came across these crates that were put there to help keep you out of the mud. All you had to do was to lightly skip across the crates and land on the other side.

Not TM!

OTL crossed half way and turned around to help TM but she launched herself onto the crate and slid off the end and landed, splat, in the mud!

She was not a Happy Puppy and stomped off back to the car to head back to the caravan and showed off!

We all had a good chuckle and MacHolly showed off by dancing across the crates calling out 'Watch Me! Watch Me'!

This where she went SPLAT!
There was a little waterfall we past on the way back and OTL decided to try some 'Slow Shutter' pictures that make the water look all misty!

Possibly another Ethereal?
Not bad, especially as the camera was 'hand held'!

Back to the caravan for chicken and biscuits, followed by a good snooze!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!