Thursday, 11 July 2013

Last Days of Training.

Hi Ho Woofers!

We're here again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

You will be pleased to know that Gob's Mum and Dad are raising another brood of sparrows. We can't see them at all 'cos the camera lens is is blocked up with all the nest material that has made the nest more of an igloo rather than a traditional nest!

However, we can see one baby bird moving about, just, and Mum and Dad are coming back to feed him. We have seen one big mouth opening up when Mum comes back and Holly reckons it looks big enough to be a whale!

So, the first baby sparrow has been named Moby and we think we can see some other eggs in the nest, so there may be more birds soon!

Snowflake has been out this morning and where we normally start, on the beach, is a run up the beach and along the Sea Wall, but for some reason or other, Snowflake decided she would first like to play on the sand! She started off by digging a small hole, then she shovelled some sand up with her nose. After that she headed towards the rocks and sea weed for a sniff and a taste of sea water, Yuk!

She sneezed, shook her head and decided that she had better get on with some running!

We charged back and you know what? She is definitely getting faster and braver 'cos she was shouting out to Holly and me to 'Get out of the way, Ferret coming through'!

Cheeky thing she is!

Lunch time the sun had come out and it was 'HOT', I mean really HOT! Old Two Legs had to deliver some stuff and he decided that it would not be comfortable for us to spend too long in the car, so he took us home and before we had finished our drink, he had sneaked out again!

To be honest, I really didn't mind 'cos Holly and I just crashed out on the sofa and snoozed the afternoon away!

Now, OTL doesn't take the camera with him first thing 'cos he can't handle two dogs and a ferret AND a camera, so lunch time is the only time he gets to take it out with him. Let's face it, there just ain't much to photograph at midday in the sunshine with a stiff wind blowing!

Insects get blown about, Holly and I stay in the long grass and OTL's eyes water 'cos the wind blows across his eyes and makes them water, so he can't see a thing. The there's the hay fever!

So, you will appreciate the following photo's !

We think this is a Common Blue.
 Then we couldn't miss out on the Seven Spot Burnet Moth, one of the Day Time Flying Moths and not a 'Rare' one either!

A Seven Spot Burnet Moth.
Now, just how many of you counted the spots and thought, there's only twelve spots I can see?

Well, the seven refers to 'each wing', so there!

A seven spot burnet moth from the side!
Holly, being an expert on Moths and Butterflies and photographs, showed her appreciation of OTL's work, with a big Raspberry!

Rhubarb to that lot!

 OK, we're off to see what's for dinner, OTL's, not ours!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.