Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mon Sewer Barney Again and OTL misses out on a curry!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

It's Saturday and The Missus was up early packing all her stuff for the 'Village Crop'. So much stuff and she only makes one card!

Still, it gets us out early and down the beach while the sun was still shining!

Both ferrets were in a rush to get out of the bag, we think that Mr Brambles cracked one off and both ferrets were blaming each other!

Miss Snowflake came across a crab that had been eaten by a gull. We think it was a gull 'cos the shell had been opened and the body eaten but the legs were still there!

Snowflake said that she had fancied a bit of crab meat but as there was none left she had to go without!

OK Who been nibbling my crab?
 Before leaving home Old Two Legs had received instructions to get a curry out of the freezer and thaw it out for his meal tonight.

'Yes Sir' he said and then was busy taking down the other instructions he was receiving, vacuuming, dusting, carpet sweeper, rubbish out, garden weeded, windows cleaned, empty dishwasher, the list went on forever!

That list was Soooo Long!

We all had fun on the beach and having a paddle then we headed back to the car.

Half way up the hill, Snowflake gave me a nip on my leg, which made me jump and she was lucky that I didn't give her a nip, it was only OTL shouting 'NO' that stopped me from showing what my teeth can do!

Just as I was thinking of things you could do with a ferret on a Saturday evening, like 'Ferret Stew' or 'Ferret Kebab' or Ferret & Chips' I heard a loud woof and Barney came bouncing down the hill to see us!

'Bonjour!' he called out, 'allo mon amie' 'Long Time No See!'

We told him about our trip to North Yorkshire and he told us all about his holiday in the South of France.

He said that it was difficult getting back to speaking in English 'cos he has been so used to speaking French to the locals!

Show Off!

'Bonjour Mon Sewer Ferret!'
 Mind you, he didn't know what to make  of the ferrets and when I mentioned that they bite, he stayed well away!

Holly was fascinated with Barney's accent and said she could listen to it all day, soppy little pudding that she is!

and so, Holly, what do you think of Yorkshire?
After Barney left we headed for home where OTL took a look at the 'list of jobs' and decided to start with the gutters, so there he was, swinging about at the top of the ladder taking out all the moss that had rolled off the roof into the gutter and was blocking the rain water from going down the pipe.

There was a lot of it, moss as well as water!

He was filling the bucket up with moss and emptying it into the rubbish bin in front of the house when he was accosted by canvassers for the political parties, all looking for him to vote for them.

OTL was not happy about being stopped from working and who ever turned up, he told them he was voting for the other candidate!

That got rid of them, except one who asked if there was anything he could do for OTL, 'Yes' says OTL, 'How are you for cleaning my gutters?'

OTL was laughing his head off as the canvasser legged it down the road!

We had a good snooze, except when we were woken up by the ladder banging on the walls as OTL worked his way around the house.

Next job was to start filling the big car up with all the rubbish he is to take to the dump. There was loads from the loft and loads that TM had decided to bin and the loft still had loads to be thrown away!

Having filled the car up, we decided he needed a break, so we took him back down to the beach again!

Holly found a sniff on the beach that was just too good to pass by, so she stopped and when she worked out OTL was too far up the beach to stop her, she had a good roll!

Sooooo Goooood!
 I found some of thos things the little two legs make with their buckets, they call them 'Sand Castles'.

Holly said they looked more like 'Bucket Moulds'!

Nah! They should dig holes like wot we do!
I was having fun identifying all the different sniffs along the path and just for fun, I told Holly who had been sitting on the bench and at the end there was a real 'Pongy' bit, so, I said that it sniffed just like Holly!

Pheeew! Holly was here!
Back home again, OTL was back up in the loft with the vacuum cleaner working away at all the dust and spiders and dead insects. In fact, he was working so hard that the vacuum cleaner stopped working, it had over heated!

Poor OTL, he had to go back to the hand brush and broom!

At half four he was off to pick TM up at the hall and on the way back she asked him, 'Did you get the curry out?'

Oh dear! It looks like OTL will have to share our Doggy Scoff tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.