Saturday, 29 January 2011

Woofing Friday


Daisy & Holly here to see you again!

We love Friday's, 'cos that's the day the Dustbin Men call to take away the rubbish. I've got no problem with them taking the rubbish, it's just the Noise they make. Crashing the bins about and shouting at each other.

Well, Holly and I join in with the shouting bit, we shout at them to be quiet 'cos Old Two Legs is still asleep and then OLT shouts at us to stop shouting at the dustbin men 'cos it has woken him up and the dustbin men are shouting at the lorry to 'Hang on' and so it goes on until they leave the road.

It's Grr-eat fun and it certainly gets you up in the morning, And, it gets OTL out of bed as well!

It was a bit cold across the fields this morning, cold enough for the Snow Fairy, but we did not see her, even though I kept a look out.

Today OTL took us down to the woods for a change, there was mud everywhere! To start off we said hello to a youngster who didn't realise there was two of us!

Don't move, there's someone behind you!
It was fun creeping up on him!

We went on and said 'hello' to the Bronze Age Barrow, Holly said it was a hill not a barrow 'cos a barrow has two handles and a wheel!

Bronze Age Barrow with the wheel missing!
The trees were too much for Holly, sight of a tree gets her all excited about climbing up the trunk. So, there were a few new trees that had fallen over and she found this one, so, she just shot up.

Holly in the tree tops!
I tried to climb up as well but did not get as far up as Holly!

Holly just loves trees and she gets upset when they have to chop them down but there are times when the trees become sick and the safest thing to do is chop it down. In the woods here they leave most of the trees on the ground so that they can become homes for other animal, and of course, a climbing frame for Holly!

Fallen Tree
Tomorrow is Saturday, so we are wondering where OTL is going to take us, he says he has some work to do at a customers before we can go out but we don't mind. Who knows, we may even get to go with him and stand guard over his tools!

See you again soon!