Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Another Sneezy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

This time of the year is very noisy in this household. It's Old Two Legs sneezing his tail off! We will be glad when summer is over 'cos by then the pollen will have finished!

Just imagine what it would be like if us woofers suffered with hay fever?

It would be something like 'Woofissue!' or 'AAAAAHQUeek'!

Lucky for us we are free from Sneezes!

This morning it was 'Rabbit Time'!

The ferrets were in their bag giving us instructions on where to run!

Quick, over by the bench!
 We were dashing backwards and sideways and forwards and then back again! It was great fun 'cos it seemed like there were hundreds of  rabbits this morning, or maybe it was the same ones running all over the place!

Soppy Dog can't catch me!
 After the chases we were both a bit warm and out of breath, it was a good job that the sea was still high up the beach. So, I was straight in for a splosh even without OTL throwing sticks for me!

You know what? I nearly got Holly to come in for a splosh as well!

Come on, This is super cool!
Holly was just about to follow me in when she suddenly stopped, realised what she was doing and legged it back to dry land!

No Thanks!
Back home to some Lambs Heart and Doggy Scoff and you know what we left in the bowl!

OTL was working while we were all sleeping! Even the ferrets got fed up watching him and were soon fast asleep!

Lunchtime we had to take The Missus with us on our walk, she wanted some fresh air, or maybe she has been sniffing the glue too much!

Down on The Beach, I found a square stick and it was covered with carpet!

I thought it was great 'cos OTL could throw it for me and the carpet made it comfortable when I picked it up!

I wanted to keep it and take it home but OTL says that we have leave it on the beach for tomorrow morning, if it is still there of course!

This is the way to make throwing sticks!
OTL was wandering along with his nose in the plant life looking for bugs. First one he found was a Green Looking Bug.

The Green Bug!
I can see that at lunch time tomorrow he will be out with the Macro Lens and the big camera and he will be on the hunt for more bugs!

.........................and now a Lady Bug!
 I was more interested in the beach and the sniffs around the rocks!

Holly called out that she wanted to go home but I said that she was a Soppy Puppy!

Come on you Soppy Puppy!
Back home Holly and I stayed down stairs 'cos OTL was up in the office sneezing his tail off!

That will teach him to stick his nose into the plants on the grass path!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.