Thursday, 10 October 2019

OTL gets Tecnical with the Help Desk!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret back again!

Another sign that Autumn is here, The Missus and Old Two Legs installed the 'Winter Half' of their duvet this morning.

I must say, the 'Winter Half' does make the bed all snugly and warm!

This morning we were up late and missed the sunrise which while it was colourful wasn't spectacular, no clouds, just the sun coming over the horizon!

As we were a little late, it gave Eric time to wake up and convince OTL to take him with us which wasn't any hardships and he did enjoy a run along the Sea Wall and even had a little dig in the sand on the beach!

Back home Holly and I waited until the duvet was on before jumping up to give it a good test before falling asleep for an hour or two!

Hey! It was good to hear that Archie Babe managed to run circles around the vet, it's good when you can get your own back!

Lunchtime came early 'cos OTL had been chatting to the ISP (Internetty Service Provider), or rather the 'Help Desk'.

There has been some trouble with the Internetty, it keeps stopping and was beginning to drive OTL to call it all the names he normally reserves for the computer!

Well, the Help Desk sent a filter that had no effect, in fact the whole thing stopped until OTL took it out again!

The Help Desk said that they had tested the line and found that everything was working as it should.

This upset OTL and he asked them if they understood the word 'Intermitant'!

They agreed that OTL should keep a log of the times the Internetty falls over and what the results are of the BT Wholesale Line Test. This he did and it looks like the Modem was at fault cos the incoming signals were within specification but the out going was a load of poo!

A new up to date model of modem is on it's way!

Wendy came out with us for the lunchtime walk and once she got going, she had a great time sniffing the sniffs and digging holes in the sand!

Back home she went into the cage and headed off to the food bowl, waking Eric up as she stood on his head to get her nose into the bowl.

Now, Eric didn't like that and thought that she was attacking him.

..................and that's when the fight started!

It was a good thing that OTL was there to part them both and after a cuddle Eric went back to bed and Wendy rolled into the bed and went to sleep!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.