Monday, 1 July 2013

An exciting day hunting rabbits and other stuff!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us, back again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

Wot a super sunny day! Summer has really arrived. We were up good and early this morning, well, it was just too good to stay in bed, unless your name is Holly!

We started off with Snowflakes run along the beach, but then Holly and I thought it was a good idea to hunt some rabbit and off we went! Old Two Legs was in hot pursuit, together with Snowflake who had got the sniff as well!

When OTL caught up with us we were put on the lead to make sure we all kept together. Trouble was, as he was doing the lead bit, Snowflake took it into her head to dive down one of the rabbit holes to do some investigations of her own!

It was lucky that OTL had the harness on her 'cos she had disappeared from sight and OTL had to gently pull her back out!

Back home and we had a brush before getting back into the car to do some shopping, at B&Q, which means that OTL has some gardening to do today!

We were right, loads more stones for the garden plus some plants and pots into which the plants will go!

It's getting close now, it is almost finished, only the 'Wild Flowers' left and that won't be done until March next year!

While we were out, we dropped into the Doggy Shop! Oooooooooo! The Sniffs were Terrific!

We even stopped at the cage with the rabbits in and chose one for lunch!

Then we stopped at the 'Grooming Station' and watched a Bozo being blow dried!

OTL just had to buy Snowflake another squeaky ball 'cos she has hidden a couple in the office and OTL can't find them!

Back home Snowflake was let out for a run around and decided to help OTL out with his camera stuff. Well, she gave his lens a good licking to clean it up!

OTL said he was very pleased that she took such an interest in the camera stuff and please make sure not to poo in his bag!

Another Job Jobbed!
 OK, we know it is all fuzzy and not very well focused, but it was a 'Quick Shot' !

Bye the way, Gob's Mum and Dad have repaired the nest and are starting on another family, well we think they are but we can't see 'cos all the nesting stuff has blocked the camera, so all we get is audio of one or the other shuffling around in the nest!

Lunch time we were out again down the Sea Wall and we spotted a Wormy Man out digging and he had a dog with him as well!

I suppose that meant it was a Wormy Dog!

Wormy Man & Wormy Dog!

We also spotted a couple sitting on the wall having lunch, to be exact, they had just finished lunch and there was nothing left for us to mug!

Lunch finished!
Unless you fancied some strawberries, which we didn't!

 More rabbit hunting but this time Holly did her 'Highland Charge'. So I decided to let her get on with it and just sat down to wait for OTL who was chasing a Dragon Fly!

Holly's Gone & Rabbits Gone!
 Not too sure what we have got planned tomorrow but we know it could be warm, so whatever it is we are looking forward to it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake